10 Moments of NCT’s Mark As An Adorable Baby Cheetah


NCT‘s Mark is often compared to a baby cheetah, perhaps due to his unique face shape and deep smile lines around his nose and mouth. So much so that his fans lovingly call him “aeong”, a nickname in Korean for a cute kitty. An account on Twitter, @nctmark_cheetah, is dedicated to comparing him to that of a baby cheetah. Here are 10 comparisons from them, in which he literally embodied a baby cheetah cub!

1. When eating a snack

They literally look the same! Well, except that Mark’s chewing on bread and the cheetah went for a tree branch.

2. With glasses on

Okay so the cheetah’s one was photoshopped on, but who can deny the similarities!

3. Pensive…very pensive

When they’re both deep in thought with a hand – er, paw on their chins!

4. Staring deep into space

Mark looks even more like a baby cub here due to his blond hair and yellow uniform!

5. Who hurt you?

We need to know now! The little red specks of blood on both babies give them a fiercer look.

6. Sleepyheads in bed

No one can deny how similar they look, even taking a well-deserved nap.

7. When Mark really was a baby

This was back when he was promoting under SM Entertainment‘s pre-debut team, SM Rookies. Don’t they both look adorable?

8. When snacking, or looking for one

Don’t they look adorable? With their mouths slightly open, we can peep those pearly white canines.

9. ROAR!

Be afraid – the cheetahs are on the prowl! Don’t be fooled, as cute as they might look, they are one to be feared.

10. Peek-a-boo!

By far our favorite of the bunch, catch a glimpse of their tiny heads peeking out from behind a tree or wall!

Mark’s fame of being a cheetah lookalike has even caused a fan to create her very own character using his cheetah motif. The character, Cheetah Lee, is highly popular, with resales for her limited doll keychains hitting up to $40 USD, almost 3 times the original price.

In other news, NCT 127 has just finished their promotions for “Punch” and will be on a well-deserved break for now!

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