10 Possible “Big Hit Universe” Connections You Might Have Missed


GFRIEND just released a fantastical music video for “Apple”, and it’s a fan theorist’s dream come true! This MV is full of hidden meanings and references, some of which might even be connecting GFRIEND’s, BTS‘s, and TXT‘s universes. After all, these groups are one “Big Hit Family” now, and “Apple” happens to be directed by Lumpens, the company behind some of Big Hit Labels‘ most memorable music videos. Here are 10 possible GFRIEND x BTS x TXT connections that will make you want a crossover ASAP!

1. The horns

At the end of MV, the girls sprout horns that Maleficent would definitely approve of. This plays on the theme of good vs evil that’s seen throughout the video.

Horns also happen to be a recurring motif in TXT‘s music videos, including “Nap of the Star”.

2. These trees

In “Apple” MV, an apple that alludes to the biblical Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil appears, bearing forbidden fruit.

BTS’s “Spring Day” and “Stay Gold” MVs also feature trees as key symbols for fans to analyze.

3. The apples

As previously mentioned, “Apple” appears to reference the forbidden fruit that grew in the Garden of Eden. After eating this fruit, Adam and Eve were cast out of paradise.

Since “Apple” and BTS’s “Blood, Sweat & Tears” both draw heavily on Christian themes, particularly temptation, it’s no surprise that apples are used in both MVs in the same context.

4. These flowers

In the teaser for “Apple” MV, Eunha puts pansy petals to her lips.

A gorgeous flower garden also appears in the MV. Yerin lies in the garden in what could be interpreted as a funerary pose.

In TXT’s “Eternally” MV, pansies are also ominous rather than beautiful.

Taehyun discovers an unresponsive Yeonjun surrounded by flowers. Some fans theorize that GFRIEND and TXT meet on the wooded Magic Island from TXT’s universe.

5. These banquet scenes

GFRIEND and BTS both dine at candlelit banquet tables, continuing the themes of temptation, wealth, and excess.

6. Covered faces

In both “Apple” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, a member’s face is covered by the hands of other members as if concealing the truth from them.

7. This smoke

Many multi-stans have pointed out that Yuju‘s aesthetically pleasing smoke scene is reminding them of RM‘s smoke scene from “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. It’s easy to see why!

8. Closing doors

“Blood, Sweat & Tears” isn’t the only BTS MV that shares similarities with “Apple” MV. This closing door scene creates a visual connection between “Apple” MV and “Fake Love”.

This isn’t surprising though, considering that Lumpens directed both!

9. These magic boxes

Big Hit Labels sure loves their magic boxes. In “Apple” MV, a box that’s reminiscent of an urn releases blue butterflies into darkness.

GFRIEND x BTS stans might remember another magical box, seen in the “Fake Love” teasers. Additionally, GFRIEND and BTS both have recurring butterfly motifs in their videos.

10. The seating arrangement

Fans might notice a similar seating arrangement and vibe in “Apple” MV and “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV. Maybe their mansions are next door to each other?

If so, can they throw a party, and can we please be invited?

Watch the “Apple” MV here:

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