13 Unedited Photos Of Red Velvet’s Joy In Real Life—And Yes, She’s Really That Beautiful


Red Velvet‘s Joy has long been famous for her hourglass figure and beautiful face. She’s absolutely stunning, and you’d be part of the minority to disagree! For those who still don’t believe that she’s a natural beauty, here are 13 unedited gifs and pictures to prove it!

(Spoiler alert: Yes, she’s really that gorgeous).

1. She’s drop dead gorgeous.

Joy is a visual in real life. Even from a few meters away, the camera is able to catch the sparkle in her eyes.

2. She’s curvy and proud of it.

Joy’s black bodycon dress highlights her curves perfectly. It’s not a trick of the light—her body really is jaw-dropping!

3. She has an hourglass figure.

Her skinny jeans really mold to the shape of her legs. Joy’s outfit as a whole emphasizes her slim physique.

4. She’s toned all over.

Her white crop top makes most eyes jump to her flat stomach. She’s toned all over her body!

5. Her smile is blinding.

Part of what makes Joy beautiful is her happy nature. She looks even more glowing when she’s in a good mood.

6. Her legs go on for miles.

As the tallest in her group, Joy’s legs are long. Wrapped in a short skirt and black stockings, she’s definitely eye-catching.

7. She always receives praise on her physique.

When one mentions “hourglass figure”, Joy is one of the first people to come to mind. In this short, tight blue dress, it’s easy to see why.

8. She’s tall, tall, tall.

Joy is already known for being taller than her fellow Red Velvet members, but this unedited award show photo shows just how much. She’s half a head taller than Wendy beside her, and both are absolutely gorgeous.

9. Her blonde hair is superb.

While she can rock any hair color, blonde is a special fan-favorite. It makes Joy appear even fresher than she normally is, which is definitely saying something!

10. She’s 100% sweet.

Joy in a flower patterned dress and wavy dark hair is sweetness personified. Even the simplest of clothes highlight her first-class visuals.

11. She’s a dream come true.

Catching a glimpse of Joy in the airport will be many Reveluv’s fantasies come true. Seeing her unedited, real life features will beat any dream for sure!

12. She’s sassy and confident.

Entertainment programs often show how confident Joy is, and this photo proves she carries herself with grace even in real life.

13. She’s an idol through and through.

Finally, Joy is at her best when she’s doing one of the things she loves most: performing on stage. She’s poised, skilled, and charming. Talent and visual, that’s Red Velvet’s Joy!

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