20 GIFs Of Dance Goddess Red Velvet’s Seulgi That Will Make You Fall For Her


Red Velvet’s Seulgi sets the stage on fire when she performs. Try to survive these 20 fierce GIFs of her hottest dance moves!

1. Queen of body rolls

2. So fierce

3. A true performer

4. The definition of talent

5. Swerving into Seulgi’s lane, BRB

6. Owning the stage

7. Abs for days

8. Making fans go wild with her wink

9. Slaying fanboys and fangirls with her dance moves

10. Trying some cute choreography

11. A total heatthrob

12. Fitness inspiration right here

13. Working it

14. Moving like her lower and upper body are in different hemispheres

15. Try not to fall for her

16. Queen behavior

17. Snatching fans with her talent


18. Owning the all-white look


19. Try to get on her level


20. Making your heart beat out of rhythm since 1994


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