5 Chilling Things That Happened in the Pilot Episode of “Train”


OCN’s Train premieres with a spectacularly chilling pilot episode, and the premiere just left audiences on the edge of their seats.

Listen up, everyone, because one of South Korea’s most gifted actors is back with the newest K-Drama on the block! Yoon Shi Yoon stuns viewers with his extraordinary performance in the series’ pilot episode. Alongside Kyung Soo Jin and the rest of the stellar cast and crew, Train is a solid masterpiece.

Before its highly anticipated premiere, K-Drama fans already expected a TV series fueled by spine chilling mysteries, harrowing suspense, electrifying revelations, and a parallel universe. All we can say is that Train definitely did not disappoint! In fact, it went above and beyond our expectations with its intriguing plot and compelling ensemble of cast.

Its fast-paced storyline leaves no room for you to blink or even glance away for a moment. In line with this, we have compiled the 5 most chillingly shocking events that took place during the premiere alone. Warning: Avert your eyes, if you haven’t watched it yet, because there are some serious spoilers ahead!

#1 The Horrific First Few Scenes

The pilot episode didn’t waste a second of time and kicked off the story with a heart-wrenching scene that gave us a glimpse into the catastrophe that took place in the lives of Train’s lead characters. Already saturated with a mysterious crime, the plot shows both the leads’ fathers in a puddle of their own blood. Who did it? Why did they do it? All the answers are still unknown, but what we do know is that an enigmatic necklace seems to be tied to both crimes.

 #2 The Accidental Discovery at the Train Tracks

With Seo Do Won (Yoon Shi Yoon) and Han Seo Kyung (Kyung Soo Jin) growing up to work in the field of law enforcement, they find themselves thrown into a newly uncovered crime that ties together more unsolved cases.

After a high-speed chase and a reckless yet clever plan to catch a privileged rapist on the loose, Seo Do Won uncovers four sets of skeletons shallowly submerged in the dirt by an abandoned train station.

#3 A Sly Serial Killer on the Loose?

The eerie discoveries made at the abandoned train station lead them to the first puzzle piece in unraveling a decade-old mystery that has been haunting them both. Is this the work of an insidious serial killer, and is he related to the murder of their fathers?

#4 The Prime Suspect

Han Seo Kyung’s stepbrother, who suffers from a mental disability, has become the prime suspect in the serial murders. After a visit to the suspect’s home, the show’s resident detective finds petrifying cryptic writings on his wall. The words send Do Won spiraling deeper into the predicament, and he realizes that there is much more to it than what hovers at the surface.

To everyone’s shock, Han Seo Kyung’s stepbrother really is connected to the crimes, somehow. He is even depicted striking Do Won over the head with a shovel after he digs up another hole in the ground by the tracks.

#5 The Arrival of the Train

Towards the end of the episode, it becomes clear that there is something out of the ordinary happening at the ghostly train tracks. Even if the station has been closed for years, an enigmatic train arrives at night, and that can’t be a good sign.

The episode’s conclusion is nothing short of a cliff hanger, as it shows our leading man shielding his face from the impending doom of a speeding train that materialized out of nowhere. (We can’t be the only ones that screamed at the TV when it freeze-framed at this part)


With the premiere being this bewildering, we’re already looking forward to the next episode, which will most likely take viewers on a journey full of dark twists, mystifying turns, and hair-raising revelations.

A word of advice? Have popcorn ready, because we’re predicting that each episode will be just like a blockbuster movie.

Source: OCN

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