5 K-Pop Scandals That Seemingly Came Out Of Nowhere And Surprised Nearly Everyone


While almost all K-Pop scandals are shocking, there have been a few that seemingly came out of nowhere and shocked the general public. Here’s a list of some of the most unexpected K-Pop scandals that shocked nearly everyone.

1. B.I’s drug scandal

In 2019, B.I was suspected of attempting to purchase both LSD and marijuana from Han Seo Hee back in 2016. Both of these drugs are illegal in South Korea, so it was a massive scandal.

Han Seo Hee

B.I later apologized for his actions of attempting to purchase drugs and even left iKON due to the scandal.

This is Kim Hanbin.
First of all, I sincerely apologize for causing trouble with my inappropriate behavior.

It is true that I had previously wanted to rely on things that I should not have even had an interest in because I was having such a difficult and rough time. But I was not even able to do it because I was afraid.

Nevertheless, I am extremely embarrassed and sorry towards all of our fans and our members, who are deeply disappointed and hurt by my wrong words and actions.

I will humbly reflect upon my wrongdoings and withdraw from the team.

I sincerely bow my head in apology once again to our fans and our members. I’m sorry.

ㅡ B.I

In 2020, the investigation regarding B.I concluded once he tested negative for a drug test.

2. Jung Joon Young’s chatroom

In 2019, it was revealed that Jung Joon Young had been sexually assaulting and illegally filming many women for many years. He would even share these illegal videos in a group chat. The group chat involved several celebrities, with one of them being Choi Jong Hoon. Choi Jong Hoon was someone who would distribute these illegal videos with other people. Choi Jong Hoon was soon found guilty of the same charges pressed against Jung Joon Young. The two are currently serving their time in prison.

Choi Jong Hoon

Lee Jonghyun was another celebrity that was a part of Jung Joon Young’s group chat and was someone who would make frequent comments about the videos.

Lee Jonghyun

Yong Junhyung is another celebrity that was a part of Jung Joon Young’s group chat. While he initially denied rumors that he was involved in the chatroom, the police later found evidence that he was involved.

Yong Junhyung

3. T.O.P’s drug scandal

In 2017, it was revealed that T.O.P had illegally smoked marijuana on 4 different occasions. It was also revealed that he had been smoking with Han Seo Hee, who he was supposedly dating at the time.

Han Seo Hee

The scandal got larger once Han Seo Hee accused T.O.P and YG Entertainment of trying to put all the blame on her.

I’ve acknowledged and am deeply reflecting about the crimes that I’ve committed. He was the first to offer [marijuana] to me. I never once forcefully persuaded him, and the liquid marijuana wasn’t even mine.

I thought I could understand that they would put the blame on me since I don’t have much to lose, and he had everything to lose. I thought it would be better to just stay silent and let it pass. People who wouldn’t believe me would never believe me anyway.

— Han Seo Hee

4. Seungri’s scandals from 2019-2020

Seungri has faced many charges since 2019, and he faced major criticisms for nearly all of them. One of the charges he faced was an allegation of prostitution solicitation. It was reported that Seungri would arrange for prostitutes to be brought to foreign investors as business favors. The scandals affected his image greatly, and he even retired from the entertainment industry due to all the negativity he faced.

5. Media Line Entertainment abusing the members of The East Light

In 2018, Lee Seokcheol, who is the leader of The East Light, came out and revealed that their company had been abusing them for many years. He revealed that the members would be physically beaten by the staff members at the company, and were threatened to stay silent about the situation.

Lee Seokcheol

Lee Seokcheol even revealed disturbing photos showing the physical damage done to their bodies.

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