5 Korean Actors Who Have Been On Hiatus For Multiple Years


It’s quite common for Korean actors to take a hiatus sometime in their careers, as their careers can be quite stressful. However, some Korean actors have been on hiatus for quite some time. Here’s a list of a few Korean actors who have been on hiatus for multiple years.

1. Won Bin

Won Bin is one of the most recognized actors in South Korea, as he has been a part of many iconic Korean films, such as The Man From Nowhere.

However, The Man From Nowhere was the last time Won Bin was seen in a film or K-Drama. The actor has been on a hiatus since 2010, and many fans have been anticipating his comeback for years. Throughout his hiatus, Won Bin has only been participating in CF’s.

2. Ko So Young

Ko So Young was quite active as an actress from her debut in 1990, until 2007. The actress went into hiatus in 2007 due to some of her acting projects not having much success, such as the K-Drama Blue Fish.

Ko So Young was in hiatus for around a decade before she made her acting comeback in 2017 in the K-Drama Ms. Perfect.

Ko So Young has been on another hiatus after Ms. Perfect concluded, as she hasn’t been in an acting project since 2017.

3. Kim Hye Sung

Kim Hye Sung has been a supporting actor in many K-Dramas, with his most famous being his role in Unstoppable High Kick.

However, his career seemingly came to a halt in 2017, as his last acting project was the K-Drama Mad Dog. It’s been nearly 3 years since fans have been able to see Kim Hye Sung appear in any acting project.

4. Choi Min Yong

Choi Min Yong was quite active as an actor early in his career. However, his last acting project was in the 2011 film Life is Peachy.

Choi Min Yong made his return to the entertainment industry in 2016, but he was more involved in variety shows. He still hasn’t been involved in any acting project since his return.

5. Seo Ji Hee

Seo Ji Hee debuted as a child actress and was quite active in her career from 2004-2017. However, she’s been on hiatus since 2017, as the last time fans got to see her in an acting project was in the web drama Between Friendship and Love 2. 

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