5 Reasons To Stan The Iconic Sunmi


Are you new to K-pop and trying to find your new favorite? Or are you a long time Wonder Girls fan who clicked to see more of their bias? Sunmi is iconic, and here are 5 reasons why you should stan her!

1. Her Tweets

Sunmi may not use Twitter all that much, but when she does, it’s brilliant. She always has some hilarious, relatable thought that she just has to share.

The girl is hilarious!

After fans kept asking where her album was, she was quick to fire back a humorous response.

She’s always down to interact with fans and give an insight into herself as a person. Even if it’s not the same poised Sunmi we see on stage.

I think it’s best to sum up her Twitter with two of her recent Tweets.

2. Music videos

You never know what style or concept Sunmi is going to try next in her music videos. Each one has a unique style all of its own.

Is she going to be fierce and sultry like in “Siren?”

Is she going to be quirky and charming like in “Noir”?

Or is she going to be just down right stunning, like in “LALALAY”?

I think we can all agree that Sunmi pulls off anything she tries her hand at and looks amazing while doing it!

3. Instagram

Now Sunmi’s Twitter account may be super funny, but her Instagram is super chic. She regularly uploads her latest look, and you can’t help but double tap!

Her fashion is current, but classic and always on point. Why wouldn’t you want this fashionista on your feed?!

4. Her love for her fans

If you are a fan of Sunmi, (or are thinking of becoming one after reading this), then you are a Miya-ne. Miya-ne means “Sunmi’s home” or “Sunmi’s family,” and this alone shows how important her fans are to her.

Isn’t she actually the cutest?

5. Iconic dances

If you search for “24 Hours,” you will see hundreds of videos of other idols copying this iconic dance.

There are a lot of brilliant boy group covers as well. No one can resist this sexy dance!

Her influence has no borders and is still strong six years and counting!

There are a million and one reasons to stan Sunmi, but here are the top 5!

Let us know what you love about Sunmi in the comments below!

vb2608 is a long time K-pop lover and Shawol. An aspiring writer and K-beauty obsessed, you can see more of her on Instagram.

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