6 Times BTS Revealed Secrets Through The Reflections In Their Photos


When it comes to finding clues, detective-ARMYs are on another level. By zooming into these BTS photos, they uncovered hidden details that show what was happening at the time each photo was taken.

1. Jin’s salad bowl

Shortly after Jin shared this photo, it went viral. At first glance, he appears to be cooking solo, but if you zoom in on his salad bowl…

…you’ll see Jungkook sitting nearby. Shirtless. The phrase “right in front of my salad” has never been so accurate!

2. Mickey’s eyes

Mickey‘s eyes are full of love for his dog-dad. Literally.

J-Hope can be seen in Mickey’s eyes, taking the photo of his beloved pooch.

3. RM on the Spanish Steps

Last summer, RM went on vacation in Europe, and one of his stops was the famous Spanish Steps.

Fans who zoomed in on RM’s sunglasses spotted his photographer kneeling down to take the photo.

4. RM visiting Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors”

There’s a lot going on in this magical installation, but eagle-eyed fans didn’t miss RM’s photographer…

…who was crouching down to take this gorgeous photo.

5. Jin’s sunglasses

If there was ever a photo that was begging to be zoomed in on, it’s this one!

In one reflection, a staff videographer can be seen filming the moment.

The other reflection shows Jin’s hand snapping the photo, as well as his surroundings.

If you combine both reflections, you get a nearly panoramic view of the room.

6. Pikachu, I choose you!

Who is that Pokemon rummaging for food in the fridge?

Why, it’s the Golden Maknae! Of course, most fans probably don’t need this reflection to identify him. For Jungkook, snack time is 24/7!

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