7 Adorable Moments Of BTS Showing How Soft And Totally Whipped They Are For Jimin, As Caught On Camera


When it comes to showing love and affection for its members, worldwide superstar group BTS is in a league of their own!

The group loves engaging in group hugs (and even involving ARMYs in their adorable antics!) after all.

And while the group obviously has nothing but love and support for all of its members…

…in today’s post, we’re going to check out just how caring and protective they are of Jimin, their delightful and kind mochi who’s always there to help them out in times of need.

Check them out below and discover your favorite moment between BTS and Jimin:

1. Suga complimenting him sincerely

When he received Suga‘s compliment, Jimin shyly smiled and thank his hyung.

In response to Jimin’s shyness, Suga went further and complimented him more.

2. V and Jin showering Jimin with confetti

The members sincerely believe that Jimin deserves to be showered with love and praise, after all.

3. V and Suga carrying Jimin together

started off by carrying Jimin…

…in a cute bridal-style position, no less!

And to really give Jimin the ride of his lifetime, V approached Suga so that they could both carry Jimin together. How’s that for teamwork?

4. Make giggles, not war!

Instead of fighting each other and attacking in the form of pushing, Jimin and Jungkook just kept on giggling all throughout the whole ordeal.

Since they weren’t really putting much effort in fighting, Jin jokingly asked if the two were together.

5. Jimin’s an actual baby, and here’s proof.

6. Cheating? No way!

J-Hope saw that Jimin actually changed his “finger gun” to a “rock”, but because he liked Jimin’s cuteness, he kept his mouth shut for a while and just smiled at him.

7. Friends don’t let friends sleep with masks on.

Exhausted, Jimin went to sleep even after putting a face mask on his face.

Since he forgot to take it off, his soul mate V took it off for him.

He even went to Jimin’s bathroom to turn off the lights.

BTS members really care about Jimin. And it’s touching to know that he feels the same way! Just check out the next article below to see his protective side come out while taking care of Jungkook.

7 Precious Moments When BTS’s Jimin’s Protective Side Came Out While Taking Care Of Jungkook

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