7 Precious Moments When BTS’s Jimin’s Protective Side Came Out While Taking Care Of Jungkook


To say that BTS‘s Jimin and Jungkook are just co-workers or simple friends would be an understatement.

The bond between these two is stronger than those words.

After all, BTS members treat each other as even family members, or someone who’s even close to family, so the fact that Jimin and Jungkook have a close relationship is true.

Perhaps this is why the duo have an adorable relationship? They may be cute friends who love teasing each other…

…but at the end of the day, they love caring for one another too.

Just check out these seven precious times when Jimin’s protective side came out while he’s taking care of Jungkook and be the judge yourself!

1. Making sure Jungkook is warm and cozy

When Jimin unfortunately had to sleep on the couch because of a penalty, Jungkook went to join him.

Touched, Jimin made sure that Jungkook was warm and cozy by giving him pillows and a blanket.

He even tucked him in to make Jungkook as comfortable as possible.

2. Being the best “comforter” in the group

Jungkook once mentioned that every time he feels down, he always feels better whenever Jimin comforts him and stays by his side.

3. Massaging Jungkook’s legs after a mission…

Jimin made sure to use both hands so that Jungkook’s legs would be properly massaged, after doing a strenuous “mission”.

4. …and taking care of the knot in Jungkook’s neck, too!

5. Feeding Jungkook happily

Jimin didn’t just give Jungkook a bite — he even let him eat the whole piece because he wanted to feed him well.

6. Treating him softly as a cute “baby”

Can you say “uWu”?

7. Exchanging Jungkook’s toy so that he would be happy

When Jungkook looked sad because he didn’t get the toy he liked, Jimin readily exchanged toys with him to make him happy.

Feeling soft yet? Check out the next article below to see how Jungkook returns the favor and takes care of Jimin instead.

7 Precious Times When BTS’s Jungkook’s Protective Side Came Out While Taking Care Of Jimin

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