7 Struggle Moments From WayV In Which You Will Actually Be Asking “WTF Are They Doing?”


The boys of WayV are always up to hilarious antics and more often than not, they share it with their fans on social media. Here are 10 moments in which they would really have you asking, WTF are they doing?

1. Midnight Bowling With Yangyang and Xiaojun

Bored in the studio at midnight on a fine day in June 2020, the boys decided to have a little game of bowling. Lining up paper cups, they soon realized they did not have a ball. After trying to bowl using a phone charger head, they finally decided to just go big or go home – they rolled Yangyang instead.

2. Just go with it

We’re not sure why they decided to do this and no one else knows either but in order to select a lucky (or unlucky) member, they simply did a shoe toss. That looks like it would’ve kinda hurt!

3. Oh, to be stuck in an elevator with WayV!

If one gets stuck in an elevator, wouldn’t one’s first instinct be to call for help or to frantically push buttons? WayV showed us calm and collected by taking the opportunity to set up a live stream with fans instead. Perhaps this is peak big brain energy – what better way to call for help than to broadcast it to thousands of people?

Don’t worry, the boys finally did get out though! Take a look at Lucas’ face when he saw their saviour!

4. Oh dude, he’s flirting!

Back when the group was more active on LYSN, the official fan community, the boys were always teasing fans with their close relationship. Take a look at the comments they left on each other’s posts! 

When Kun declared he was cheating on Yangyang…

Everyone is whipped for Winwin!

NCT‘s Mark put it best when he said one of his now iconic lines, “Oh dude, he’s flirting!”

5. When they decided to imitate a penguin

Do penguins act like this even? Well, if Yangyang says this is a penguin, we’re going to believe him.

6. When Ten decided to test a new cat toy out on his human subject

The boys set out to make some new toys for their dorm pets, Louis and Bella, a cat and a dog. While trying to explain his creation, Ten decided he needed to test it out on someone, and the lucky target turned out to be Hendery!

7. When Ten was given the Weishennie experience

The members started a live stream on Instagram, but Ten happened to be at a different schedule. He decided to join in the fun by leaving comments instead. However, his comments went ignored.

The cutie felt so left out that he took to his own live stream the next day and explained that he would try his best to answer every one of the comments from fans as he knows how it feels to have your comment ignored!

WayV sure is one hilarious group! But perhaps, the biggest struggle of all, is still that of NCTzens and Weishennies, when they have to explain the group’s dynamics to non-fans. 


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