8 K-Dramas Your Dad Will Absolutely Love


Who said men—including your dad—can’t fall in love with Korean dramas? Sure, the majority of the demographic of K-Drama viewers is made up of women, but guys, too, can get just as hooked if they watch a satisfying show that will introduce them to K-Drama world. After all, K-Dramas are made to be enjoyed by everyone!

So if your dad still has yet to bond with you and your family over Korean dramas, don’t let him miss out on all the fun and convince him to watch these awesome shows with you. Who knows? Your next family trip might be in South Korea, mainly to visit popular K-Drama filming sites such as Nami Island, N Seoul Tower, MBC Dae Jang Geum Park, and more! 



Crash Landing On You (2019-2020)

Crash Landing on You  |  via tvN

The hit K-Drama that took the world by storm, Crash Landing On You (CLOY) kept millions of viewers around the world—men included—glued to their screens with the show’s compelling storyline about South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) literally crash landing in North Korea after a paragliding mishap. There, she meets the handsome Captain Ri (Hyun Bin), who takes it upon himself to help her hide until she returns home safely. Romance aside, CLOY is packed with action, comedy, and a solid sense of brotherhood that your dad will truly enjoy watching. 



The K2 (2016)

The K2  |  via tvN

The K2 is not your average K-Drama. This testosterone-charged show starring Ji Chang-wook is reminiscent of western action films (think James Bond), in which a troubled soldier-turned-fugitive comes to the rescue of the daughter of a high-profile politician. Intense and emotional at times, The K2 will put your dad on the edge of his seat!



City Hunter (2011)

City Hunter  |  via SBS

A K-Drama based on a Japanese manga of the same name, City Hunter is an oldie but still a goodie. It is one of the mainstream South Korean shows that set the bar for action series with its adrenaline-pumping episodes that never seemed to lose steam. Add to that intrigue and political drama, it definitely delivers in the ultimate action-thriller department. Also, if you’re a huge Lee Min Ho fan, this show is the perfect LMH intro you can give your dad. 



Kingdom (2019)

Kingdom  |  via Netflix

If your dad is into the horror genre, there’s no better show to get him hooked to K-Dramas than Kingdom. This Netflix original stars Ju Ji-hoon as a Crown Prince who has to solve a political conspiracy all the while saving his people from a mysterious plague that is spreading across the Kingdom. While zombie thrillers aren’t new on the small screen, Kingdom sets itself apart from the majority with its historical twist, as it’s set during the Joseon period. Grab your popcorn—it’s gonna be a wild ride from Season 1 to Season 2. 



Two Weeks (2013)

Two Weeks  |  via MBC

Awfully underrated, even some of the most seasoned K-Drama fans haven’t watched this show yet, but let us give you (and your dad!) a reason to check it out: Two Weeks is a fast-paced gripping action-drama about a man (Lee Joon-gi), who has been framed for murder, racing against time and manipulative villains to save his dying daughter. Heart-racing and gut-wrenching, it will play with your emotions to the very end. Plus, the OST featuring South Korean indie rock band NELL is *chef’s kiss*.



Prison Playbook (2017)

Prison Playbook  |  via tvN

This moving drama gives you a glimpse of the life of prisoners serving their respective sentences and the staff working at a prison. It mainly revolves around the story of an ex-baseball player (Park Hae-soo), who was about to sign with a major league team when he finds himself in an unfortunate situation that leads him to land behind bars. Hand your dad a box of tissues—he might need it while watching this one. 



The Fiery Priest (2019)

The Fiery Priest  |  via SBS

A tenacious priest (Kim Nam-gil), a rookie detective (Kim Sung-kyun), and an ambitious prosecutor (Lee Ha-nee) team up to make the puzzle pieces fit in a murder case involving a senior Catholic priest. This show may appear all dark and intriguing, but really, it’s filled with hearty laughs as well! 



Signal (2016)

Signal  |  via tvN

This time-bending drama follows a young criminal profiler (Le Je-hoon) from the present time who coordinates with a detective (Cho Jin-woong) from the past to solve cold crimes and bring justice to the families of murder victims. They communicate through a mysterious walkie-talkie—a blessing that might as well be a curse. 



Which among our K-Drama picks do you think your dad will love most? Share your answer with us in the comments! 

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