8 More Idols Who Look Up To BTS’s V As Their Role Model


Previously, we covered 15 idol members who looked up to BTS’s V as their role model. We all know that there are a ton more idols that look up to V not only as a person but also as a performer and artist so here’s eight more idols that look up to V!

MVP’s Been

D-CRUNCH’s Dylan

TRCNG’s Jihoon

Who is your role model?

Jihoon: In terms of foreign artists I like Justin Bieber‘s fashion style and humor. I also love BTS’s V. He’s so cool but also has a cute side to him that is charismatic.

ASTIN’s Hyeongseok

In his Instagram post, he is seen using a phone case that has a Tata character sticker in it along with V’s photo card from the Persona album.


BDC’s Sihun

Who is your role model?

Sihun: My role models include BTS’s V, Jimin, and EXO’s Kai. All three of them have such an amazing presence on stage. There is so much to learn from them from dancing, expressions, gestures, etc.

BDC‘s Sihun covers “Sweet Night” and proves he is a fan of V and his music.

DKB’s Lune

“I have a set role model. You all know who he is right? Everyone knows that it’s BTS’s V. I really respect him.”

Kim Yohan

Do you have a role model currently?

Yohan: I love BTS. Their stages are amazing. V’s facial expressions are so cool and I can feel his presence through the screen. I sometimes wonder if I can become like him.

He also revealed that he wishes to be like V in terms of stage presence and performance during an @star1 interview.

It’s no surprise that V is a favorite among K-Pop idols in terms of being a role model!

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