9 Celebrities Who Have Dissed Park Jin Young Or JYP Entertainment


While Park Jin Young has a close relationship with a lot of celebrities, especially those associated with his company, there have been moments where celebrities have publicly dissed him or the company. Here’s a list of some celebrities who have dissed Park Jin Young or JYP Entertainment, some being lighthearted, while others were more serious.

1. GOT7

The members of GOT7 have been pretty vocal about how Park Jin Young is quite “biased” towards his female artists.

When GOT7 had just debuted, they decided to greet Park Jin Young but got a cold reaction from him.

The GOT7 members were shocked when they saw how warm a greeting Suzy got compared to them.

2. 2PM

The 2PM members discussed on an episode of Radio Star how they’re quite involved in the making of their music, but their title tracks seemingly were all made by Park Jin Young.

Junho then savagely disses Park Jin Young for not putting trust in them.

3. Lia (ITZY)

During an episode of Knowing Brothers, Lia gave a hilarious answer when asked to pick between Leonardo Dicaprio or Park Jin Young.

4. Heechul (Super Junior)

During an episode of Knowing Brothers, Park Jin Young was asked how he felt when his song had topped Miss A‘s on music charts. While Park Jin Young was a bit disappointed when this happened, he revealed that he couldn’t help but smile a bit.

Heechul then hilariously did an impersonation of Park Jin Young.

5. Jamie Park

Jamie Park once called out JYP Entertainment, saying that she needed more attention.

“I need a song. I need an album. Are you listening? I’m a singer. I have to sing. But I don’t sing. I’m MC-ing. What is that?”

— Jamie Park

6. Jessi

Jessi is someone who has always admired Park Jin Young for his love of music, but some of his performances have left her quite speechless.

7. Jay Park

Jay Park once released a diss song called, “F*CKBOY”, and some of the lyrics seemed to imply that he was dissing Park Jin Young, as he said, “My past teacher”. Jay Park was originally a member of 2PM, but seemingly got kicked out due to some controversial statements he made.

Here’s the full diss track below.

8. Jae (Day6)

Jae has recently come out and revealed his disappointment with JYP Entertainment, where he felt that he was being treated unfairly.

On YouTube too, it was all me, doing the work alone for JaeSix. The company said things about it, and I had to beg for permission to do it. Even after all of that, they said ‘people within the company don’t approve of it’ and so I had to stop it.

Why do the other members get their content expenses covered, management for their schedules, and help from the staff?

— Jae

9. Baek A Yeon

Baek A Yeon once shared some of the tough experiences she endured and witnessed when she was under JYP Entertainment. She detailed how harsh some of the evaluations were, as well as how some artists never got proper treatment.

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