A Trainee On “We Are Young” Is Gaining Attention For Looking Exactly Like Lee Kwang Soo


A Chinese survival program called We Are Young stars EXO‘s Lay as well as Cosmic Girls‘ Cheng Xiao, but what gained even more attention recently is a trainee who supposedly looks just like Lee Kwang Soo.

If you’re a fan of the Korean variety show, Running Man, you probably know of the tall actor nicknamed “Giraffe” and “Prince of Asia.”

Not only is he popular for his very tall height and amazing acting ability, but he’s also an absolutely hilarious TV personality.

So many netizens were shocked when they saw GIFs of a trainee on We Are Young because they believe he looks just like Lee Kwang Soo.

And they might be right.

He might not be as tall as the Korean actor, but his face resembles that of Lee Kwang Soo greatly.

Some of the netizens’ comments include, “Oh my goodness“, “He’s a shorter Kwang Soo!“, “Wow“, and “He must be popular. He looks just like Prince of Asia“.

What are your thoughts?


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