AB6IX Picks The Most And Least Active Members In Their Group Chat, Biggest Scaredy Cat, And More


Following their comeback with “The Answer,” AB6IX appeared as guests on “Lee Joon’s Young Street”!

On the July 9 radio broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Lee Joon’s Young Street,” AB6IX joined host Lee Joon to chat about their latest album, personalities, and more.

As Zico helped produce their new title track “The Answer,” the group shared that he is close with their agency CEO Rhymer and a senior artist they respect. They commented, “Zico personally directed the song for us, and he was so detailed, which we think allowed the song to be perfected.”

In line with the title of their song, the boys picked the members who “answer,” or respond, most and least often in their group chat. For the least active member, Park Woo Jin answered, “I think it’s Woong. I haven’t seen him reply much.” Jeon Woong explained, “I don’t really participate in group chats or text much. I do call sometimes though.”

The members unanimously picked Park Woo Jin as the chattiest member, commenting, “Park Woo Jin uses a lot of cute emoticons and sends funny pictures.”

The group later chose Jeon Woong as the group’s scaredy cat, saying he couldn’t watch horror movies and had the biggest reactions to their jokes. Jeon Woong also picked himself, saying, “I have the most fear. I’m scared of ghosts and people.”

When asked if he feared ghosts or people more, Jeon Woong chose ghosts, hilariously explaining, “You can at least fight people.”

AB6IX also talked about their dorm life and who has changed the most while they’ve lived together. Park Woo Jin received two votes for having changed the most, and the members shared, “Unlike his intense first impression, he’s gotten a lot cuter” and “Contrasting his easygoing image, he’s very good at cleaning up.”

Later, Lee Dae Hwi received two votes as the member they’ve been most moved by. Jeon Woong thanked Lee Dae Hwi because he fills their dorm with lots to eat, and Lee Dae Hwi replied, “That’s something you have to be thankful to my mom for.”

Park Woo Jin hilariously explained that he was touched by Lee Dae Hwi “because he’s cute.” Regarding Park Woo Jin, Kim Dong Hyun added, “When I was sick, as soon as our practice ended, he would get me medicine.”

At the end of the broadcast, Park Woo Jin commented, “I had such a fun time, and we will continue to show a good side to ourselves in the future. Please look forward to it lots.”

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