AB6IX’s Donghyun Was Once Mistaken As Red Velvet’s 6th Member


Red Velvet is known as one of the most visual-packed stunning girl group. It takes a lot for anyone to be compared to the members. But one idol was mistaken to join the ranks of Red Velvet’s visuals…

It was none other than Kim Donghyun of AB6IX!

Donghyun is very well known for his gorgeous visuals, and it’s so beautiful that he blended right in with the Red Velvet members!

It all happened earlier this year during the Seoul Music Awards in January. The idols all gathered for a group photo and four of the five Red Velvet members gathered for a photo. (Wendy was hospitalized for her injury at the time.)

Although the group was missing Wendy, some had mistaken Donghyun as the extra member of the group!

Donghyun’s visuals were so beautiful that it fit right in with the flower bouquet called Red Velvet!

Netizens and fans were shocked by just how well Donghyun’s visuals fit in with Red Velvet. They couldn’t get over his stunning visuals!

“Wow how can he be on the same level in the middle of them”

“He’s really handsome. I saw this 5x and he’s so good looking. Everyone needs to know how handsome he is.”

“Wow.. But Joy Seulgi Irene and Yeri’s visuals are so pretty…”

“I’m a ReVeluv but he’s really handsome-pretty…….”

— Netizens

King Donghyun who can fit in anywhere and with anyone!

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