Ahgases Appeal For #FairTreatmentForGOT7 Regarding Continuous Sasaeng Incidents, Promotional Activities & More


A fair treatment for GOT7 is what fans are demanding from their agency in their recent protest.

Fans of GOT7 held a truck protest recently to appeal for better protection for the group, among other concerns, as sasaeng incidents continue to rise and bother the members.


On July 6, Ahgases called on the boy group’s agency to take action on several matters through an offline truck protest around its building’s vicinity. Online, they also voiced out their concerns via the hashtag #FairTreatmentForGOT7 which trended worldwide.

Their top demand was about getting a stronger response from the agency regarding issues about the members’ privacy being invaded multiple times.

While JYP Entertainment has been releasing notices about taking legal actions against those who invade GOT7’s privacy, the issue still persists. Even the members themselves have spoken up about sasaengs (stalker fans) on their personal social media accounts, where they warn them and ask them to stop invading their privacy.

Thus, fans are appealing for the agency to have an even stricter measure in ensuring GOT7’s safety and security. Moreover, Ahgases are asking for updates on previous legal actions taken on behalf of the group.

Aside from this, fans are also appealing regarding other matters, such as proper promotional activities as well as English translations of official notices and announcements for the group’s international fanbase.

In a recent V Live broadcast by Yugyeom, the idol mentioned that he had seen the truck and thanked fans for it. However, the video has not been re-uploaded on the group’s channel yet as of writing after it was broadcasted live.

Photo from JYP Entertainment

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