AOA’s Jimin Speaks Up For First Time Since Mina’s Accusations, Expressing Her Regret And Guilt


AOA‘s Jimin has finally spoken up about Mina‘s accusations levied against her, apologizing for what she did as AOA’s leader.

In her first upload since directly being called out by Mina, Jimin shared how regretful and guilty she feels about her actions from the past.

I can’t put everything I want to say in a short message, but I feel apologetic, and I’m sorry.

I was lacking while leading my team, it was all my mistakes.

I feel regretful and guilty that during the time we were together, I was not able to understand Mina, and I don’t think I was looking out for her, I was careless.

Even yesterday, I cried and begged and cried again. Nevertheless, I am very sorry to Mina, as her feelings about me won’t be easily resolved.

When I was younger, I lived my early 20’s thinking that my team should only show our good sides to our staff and the public, but I think that led me to having a mindset that caused me to be a leader who was lacking in humanity.

I’m sorry for creating a controversy. I’m sorry for my careless writing.

And most of all, I’m sincerely sorry to Mina and the members who have worked so hard for the both of us.

— Jimin

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