ARMYs Are Emotional In 15 Tweets About BTS’s Stunning “Your Eyes Tell” Performance


BTS just released one of the b-side tracks to their upcoming Japanese album Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ with “Your Eyes Tell”. The song, composed by Jungkook himself, is an OST for a Japanese film also titled Your Eyes Tell, which is set to come out this fall. The movie is a love story about a girl, Kaori, who loses her sight, and an ex-kickboxer who comes out of retirement in order to take part in kickboxing matches to raise money to pay for her eye surgery. RM spoke about the song, saying that it “portrayed the sorrowful yet so beautiful love story of the movie.”

On July 13, BTS performed the song live, and fans are not okay after listening to the sad but beautiful lyrics and gorgeous vocals by the members. Here are 15 tweets that summarize ARMYs’ emotions.

1. This is a particularly appropriate time for this song to come out.

2. It really means a lot to so many.

3. Jimin in particular is getting a lot of well-deserved praise!

4. It really is chill-inducing!

5. Great job, producer Jungkook!

6. Is this a mood or what?

7. Preach!

8. This is truly beautiful.

9. But this is also a major mood.

10. There shouldn’t be anyone questioning Jin’s abilities after this.

11. You can’t forget these two!

12. Who says BTS can’t do ballads?

13. If you weren’t emotional enough already, here are the lyrics.

14. Relatable image.

15. Congratulations, BTS!

You can watch the performance here if you haven’t seen it already:

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