ATEEZ Summons Fevered Anticipation With An Electrifying Comeback Teaser


ATEEZ is back! The powerhouse boy group starts their immensely anticipated return by releasing their first image teaser!

Among the numerous releases slated for summer, ATEEZ has upped the stakes by entering an already hot and competitive season. Following their exponential domestic and global success, the group’s upcoming return has the eager eyes of fans and critics awaiting their newest project. After hinting towards a summer comeback, ATEEZ makes their grand entry by posting their first teaser across SNS accounts.

Against a yellow background, bold words read, “MAYBE / WE’RE LIVING YOUNGER / THAT’S WHY / WE’RE FEVER”. The speculated lyrics also draw ATINYs attention due to the green line striking through all words except, “FEVER”, leading many to theorize that “FEVER” may be the name of ATEEZ’s newest title track.

The post’s caption, which could possibly be lyrics, states, “So I gotta let it go. Passion, Young, Fever”.


ATEEZ notably changes their logo in the teaser, according to a prior hint released during their digital concert event. In their previous fan-dedicated concert, ATEEZ teased fans regarding their next concept through background VCRs, featuring the word “SPLICE”. The word means to interweave a rope, joining the strands. ATEEZ’s logo now features the two “E”s connected as if they are strands of ropes, further piquing fans’ curiosity.

Furthermore, when flipped, the logo looks like an hourglass. This sparks theories that the group may play with time in their narrative universe, as the hourglass has been a constant symbol throughout ATEEZ’s concept since debut.


This is not the first instance the group has used rope for their concepts. In their concept images for the album, TREASURE EP. 2: ZERO TO ONE, ATEEZ used rope for a tug-of-war between their true selves and evil selves. The re-purposing of rope for their newest comeback incites interest on whether these two versions of ATEEZ will form a splice of their own by joining forces, possibly to defeat the masked man seen during their last comeback with “Answer”.

Moreover, during the group’s opening KCON:TACT performance, their backup dancers joined ATEEZ onstage wearing “dark ATEEZ” outfits for a special stage, indicating their possible return.

Fans can anticipate a stunning, grand comeback by the group. ATEEZ’s first teaser alone draws on many possibilities for their upcoming project.

And though simple, the image indicates just the start of an exciting journey ahead.

Image Credit: KQ Entertainment

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