BLACKPINK, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, IU, Suga, And Baekhyun Top Gaon Monthly + Weekly Charts


Gaon Chart revealed its latest monthly and weekly chart rankings!

Weekly Album Chart

Baekhyun’s “Delight” ranked No. 1 for the physical album chart for the week of June 28 to July 4. IZ*ONE’s “Oneiric Diary” came in at No. 2, and AB6IX’s new album “VIVID” ranked No. 3. WOODZ’s (Cho Seung Youn’s) new solo debut album “EQUAL” entered the chart at No. 4, and MAMAMOO member Hwasa’s new solo album “María” followed at No. 5.

Monthly Album Chart

SEVENTEEN’s “Heng:garæ,” which recently earned them the title of “million seller,” ranked No. 1 on the physical album chart for June. TWICE’s “MORE & MORE” entered the chart at No. 2, and IZ*ONE’s “Oneiric Diary” followed at No. 3. Baekhyun’s “Delight,” which received an official triple platinum certification, ranked No. 4, and Stray Kids’s new album “GO生” placed No. 5.

Weekly Download Chart

For this week’s digital download chart, BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” topped the chart, followed by new releases. Hwasa’s “María” came in at No. 2, Sunmi’s “pporappippam” ranked No. 3, Zico’s “Summer Hate” featuring Rain came in at No. 4, and AB6IX’s “THE ANSWER” entered the chart at No. 5.

Monthly Download Chart

TWICE’s “MORE & MORE” topped the digital download chart for June, and Kim Ho Joong’s “Grandmother” followed at No. 2. Ha Sung Woon’s “Get Ready” placed No. 3, with IZ*ONE’s “Secret Story of the Swan” ranking No. 4 and BLOO’s “Downtown Baby” ranking No. 5.

Weekly Digital Chart

BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” topped the overall digital chart for this week as well. BLOO’s “Downtown Baby” came in at No. 2, and Hwasa’s “María” debuted at No. 3. IU’s “eight,” which was produced by BTSSuga and features him as an artist, ranked No. 4. Sunmi’s new release “pporappippam” rounded out the top five for the week.

Monthly Digital Chart + Streaming Chart

The top five songs on the overall digital chart and the streaming chart were exactly the same for the month of June: IU and Suga’s “eight” came out on top for both charts. “Hospital Playlist” OSTs “Aloha” by Jo Jung Suk and “I Knew I Love” by Jeon Mi Do placed No. 2 and No. 3, respectively. TWICE’s “MORE & MORE” entered the chart at No. 4, and Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop” ranked No. 5.

Weekly Streaming Chart

BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” topped this week’s streaming chart as well. BLOO’s “Downtown Baby” came in at No. 2, followed by IU and Suga’s “eight” at No. 3, Jo Jung Suk’s “Aloha” at No. 4, and Hwasa’s “María” at No. 5.

Weekly Social Chart

Following BLACKPINK’s successful comeback, the group continued to rank No. 1 for this week’s “Social Chart 2.0.” IZ*ONE followed at No. 2, with BTS at No. 3, Kim Ho Joong at No. 4, and Lim Young Woong at No. 5.

Monthly Social Chart

BLACKPINK also came in at No. 1 for Gaon’s monthly social chart for June. BTS ranked No. 2, Kim Ho Joong ranked No. 3, and Lim Young Woong followed at No. 4. IZ*ONE rounded out the top five.

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