BLACKPINK’s Lisa Accused Of Cultural Appropriation, “Lilifilm” Videographer Comes To Her Defense


Following BLACKPINK‘s comeback with “How You Like That”, the group has been bombarded with accusations of cultural appropriation.

While fans voiced their genuine concerns on the use of an Indian God as a set piece for their concept, the recent accusations towards Lisa had the videographer of her latest Lilifilm dance videos, Anthony King, coming to her defense.

In Lisa’s Lili’s Film #4 dance video to Chris Brown and Young Thug‘s “City Girls”, she once again blew everyone away with her amazing dancing. It was released hours ago and is still one of the top trading videos on YouTube. To take away from the positive attention, individuals voiced a problem with Lisa’s accessories for the video.

Regarding what Lisa was wearing on her head, they claimed she was wearing a du-rag and therefore appropriating Black culture. When Anthony King caught wind of the accusations, he had to set the record straight and shut down how false they were.

Through his Instagram story, he first pointed out that Lisa hadn’t been wearing a du-rag at all. Since a du-rag is typically long in length and silky, with strings attached to tighten it, there was no way to mistake it for a simple scarf.

FYI, Lisa is wearing a handkerchief or a scarf…not a du-rag. I’m assuming those who think otherwise have never seen a du-rag before. I grew up wearing one, so trust me. Lol.

To further prove it was far from cultural appropriation, Anthony King expressed that he wouldn’t have allowed the filming to continue if Lisa had been wearing the item and informed her about it. “One last statement… As a Black man… If I saw her rocking a du-rag on set, yes, I would’ve said something.”

He even gave perspective on the purpose of a du-rag, explaining that it wasn’t merely an accessory and pointing out how those making accusations hadn’t known its origin—let alone what it looked like.

That headwrap thingy cannot give me waves, therefore it’s not a du-rag… Many of those complaining probably don’t even know the purpose of a du-rag. Anyway, please enjoy the video and spread some positivity.

Just like individuals try to make a mountain out of a molehill, some individuals attempted to turn Lisa’s scarf into a du-rag. Thanks to the talented Anthony King, he gracefully shut them down with knowledge.

Check out Lisa’s powerful dancing in the du-rag free performance video here.

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