BTS Reveals What The Seven Members Mean To Each Of Them And It’s Too Darn Cute


A recent interview regarding BTS’s new Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL : 7~The Journey~, was released online as members expressed their thoughts about their careers, what the members mean to them, and what they hope for the future. Let’s take a look at what each member said about what the seven member’s means to them!


Being the best leader that he is, he always emphasizes the importance of being a team.

Seven members…we are the same team. Aside from the simple meaning of team, we are the type of team that you think of when you say “we are really one team.” That’s what I think.


He feels that they have become inseparable with the members and that there is no way to express this with just mere words.

Now I don’t know how to express this anymore. It’s so much more than just expressing it with words. They are people that should always be together and are all precious beings I can’t live without.


He keeps it short and simple saying that they are in this until the end.

You could say that our members are friends for life.


Jin will always think of the members as his children being the hyung that he is.

They are my kids. When I see them doing cute or funny things it makes me happy. (Jimin: Like we’re your children? Something like that).


Spending most of their life together, it only seems natural to feel like family.

They are like family that don’t share the same blood. I feel so comfortable when we are together. I think it’s because I’ve spent more time with them than my own family.


The amount of time and effort they have worked together has paid off.

They are the people that I have the best teamwork with. We don’t even have to say anything.

Find out more from this interview including what their current goals are and what they would like to say to their past selves!

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