BTS RM’s Duality Wearing Glasses On Stage Vs. Off Stage Hits Us Differently Every Time


Now we all know what an intellectual king our leader BTS‘s RM is as he is always prepared to spit out facts and knowledge at any moment. His visuals are always upgraded when wearing glasses, making him the classy king that he is. Let’s take a look at his godly visuals wearing glasses at events and on stage.

Add a suit to the look and we’ve got straight up President Joon vibes.

But when we look at his profile, we can see that he actually has really bad eyesight (-7).

We also see pictures of him showing that his glasses are fake, revealing that he wears fashion glasses on stage for the most part.

Now fans know what type of glasses he wears off stage, which are these black and metal rimmed glasses with a super thick lens.

We can spot him from time to time after events wearing them too.

Look at how cute he is in them!

RM’s glasses are also a favorite among the members and they are seen wearing them for fun too.

Regardless of his glasses being fake or not, we love our amazing leader no matter how bad his eyesight is!

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