BTS Share Their Current Goals And Dreams… And Prove Their Values Haven’t Changed At All


In a recent Japanese interview “BTS JOURNEY~7人の旅~”, BTS members sat down to take turns talking about their careers, accomplishments, and future plans. Here’s how each member responded when the interviewer asked to share their current goals, or “dreams”.

Jin looked forward to staying close with ARMYs…

I hope that, even a decade from now, I’ll be able to sit down and talk to my fans — like I do now. I hope we can still laugh and talk about how things had been for us.

— Jin

… while Suga hoped for the world to become a better place.

I kind of forgot what my dreams used to be… so I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m not sure if I have too many dreams or none at all. But at this very moment, I really want world peace.

— Suga

J-Hope wished himself and everyone well…

I’d think my dream is to continue being healthy so I can keep doing what I do. It may sound simple, but health is the most important. That’s a fact.

— J-Hope

… as did RM! He shared that he aims to become a helpful person at all times.

It’s kind of refreshing that you asked us about dreams… because I personally feel like I’ve been forgetting them recently. Let’s see… Well, it has always been our goal to deliver messages to a lot of people. So I guess I want to be helpful in all and any situation I find myself.

— RM

Jimin wanted to go back to where he best belongs…

I hope things start to look up soon. I really want to see my fans again. I want to be on stage, performing, singing, and dancing. I dream of the day that I can do those things again. I’m devastated because I haven’t been able to do those things for a while now.

— Jimin

… like his best friend V did too.

My biggest dream is that the world gets better soon. I also want to perform soon.

— V

Finally, Jungkook looked forward to making the best of the times.

My dream is… Well, I really love the stage so I’d like to perform, but I haven’t been on one in a while… because of everything that’s going on. On the other hand, I also feel like this is an opportunity for me to use the time well. So I’m working on accomplishing small personal dreams that I’ve been pushing back and/or giving up on… Yeah.

— Jungkook

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