BTS Was Supposed To Be Taking Photos For Fun But V Took It To Another Level Yet Again


On Episode 106 of Run BTS!, BTS took their DIY outfits that they made and held a photo shoot. While this whole activity was meant to be fun and games, V took it to another level with his visuals.

While the other members were doing fun and chaotic poses like throwing a tantrum on the floor and jumping in the air, V quickly changed the atmosphere into a photo shoot fit for a luxury brand or magazine.

His piercing gaze stopped not only the hearts of fans but also the members.

Every shot taken by V was one masterpiece after another.

The reactions of the members after seeing V’s photos showed just how professional his photos were.

Jin: All these photos are A cuts

J-Hope: Your face does all the work Taehyung

Jungkook: Taehyung-ssi!

Jimin: They call him CGV for a reason

RM: The model is totally top class

The members reaction to V’s photos are truly priceless!

And we don’t blame them! Who doesn’t love a visual king!

source: on the voyage 

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