BTS’s Endorsement Power Soars with Samsung Collaboration


<a title="" class="aalmanual" href="">BTS</a>’s Endorsement Power Soars with Samsung Collaboration

BTS’s Endorsement Power Soars with Samsung Collaboration


South Korean boy band BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, has managed to achieve incredible success not only in their music career but also in the realm of brand endorsements. With their massive global popularity and dedicated fan base, their endorsement power continues to soar. One notable collaboration that showcased their influence was the partnership with technology giant Samsung.

Samsung and BTS Partnership

Samsung, a global leader in technology and electronics, recognized BTS’s immense popularity and the impact they have on their fans, known as the ARMY. In 2018, Samsung announced a collaboration with BTS to promote their smartphones, particularly the Galaxy flagship models.

The partnership allowed Samsung to tap into BTS’s loyal and dedicated fan base, which spans across various demographics and countries. BTS members actively participated in commercials, social media campaigns, and even exclusive content for Samsung devices, further strengthening the connection between the band and the brand.

BTS’s involvement in the Samsung collaboration was not limited to advertisement campaigns. The band also participated in events such as Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, where they showcased exclusive content and performed their hit songs. This not only provided Samsung with immense exposure but also solidified their association with a globally recognized and influential group.

Impressive Impact on Samsung

The collaboration between BTS and Samsung proved to be immensely successful, generating significant results for the technology giant. The release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in 2020, which featured a BTS edition, witnessed incredible demand and sold out almost instantly both online and in physical stores. The ARMY’s dedication to BTS led to an unprecedented response to the limited-edition device.

According to reports, the BTS edition of the Samsung Galaxy S20 contributed to a notable increase in Samsung’s market share. The collaboration not only attracted existing fans but also introduced BTS to new audiences who were drawn to the band through their association with Samsung. This created a successful marketing strategy for the brand, enabling them to reach a broader customer base.

Endorsement Power of BTS

BTS’s collaboration with Samsung displayed the tremendous endorsement power that the group possesses. Their influence goes beyond the music industry, and they are regarded as influential figures in various fields and demographics. By having BTS as brand ambassadors, companies have the opportunity to tap into their extensive reach and engage with their passionate fan base.

The success of the Samsung collaboration is just one example of how BTS’s endorsement capabilities can lead to significant gains for brands. Their partnership with Samsung helped establish a strong emotional connection between the band and the brand, making fans feel a closer affinity towards both.

BTS’s endorsement power not only benefits the brands they collaborate with but also extends to philanthropic efforts. The band has used their influence to support various charitable causes, amplifying the positive impact they have on society.


BTS’s collaboration with Samsung exemplifies the power of their endorsements and their ability to create meaningful connections with brands. Through their immense popularity and dedicated fan base, they have shown that partnering with them can lead to remarkable success for businesses. As the band continues to grow their global influence, it is no surprise that their endorsement power soars to new heights.

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