BTS’s J-Hope Wants To Produce His Own Idol Group Someday And We Can’t Wait For CEO Jung Ho Seok


Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at BTS J-Hope’s profile that he filled out during their “I NEED U” comeback. The members held an interview with The Star and each filled out a profile questionnaire in 2015. Let’s take a look at what J-Hope wrote down from things on his bucket list to what he was curious to know about from the fans!

Name: Jung Hoseok (father named him and it means to spread the name of your country far and wide)

Blood Type: A

Family: Mother, father, older sister

Birthday/Sign: February 18, 1994/Aquarius

Conception Dream: My mother dreamed she was riding on three horses into the wilderness

School: Gwangju Jain Kindergarten, Seoil Elementary, Ilgok Middle, Kookjae High, Global Cyber University

Personality: I have an outgoing personality and good at being friends with everyone, known to approach people first

Hobby/Skill: collecting figures and shoes/freestyle dancing

Habit: Turning red when someone compliments me

Motive to become a singer: I’ve always liked dancing and because of that I began to gain interest in rapping and singing so I decided to audition

Favorite food: King’s table

Confident Cooking Dish: Kimchi fried rice

Favorite Sport: Tennis

Favorite Movie: If Only

Things I Collect: Figures, shoes, streetwear merchandise

Favorite nickname: Hosigi, Hope oppa

Close Celebrity Friend: I don’t think I have one

Celebrity I’d like to be close with: Big Bang

TV Show I’d like to Appear On: “Running Man” because I want to run around

Fashion Style: I think it depends on what type of shoe I wear. Clean styles, street fashion

Ideal Girl Type: A girl that likes books and can take care of me and cooks well

3 Things On My Bucket List: send my parents on a trip, buy a house, create my own idol group

Life Motto: Do your best!!!

BTS Member Ranking of the most Outgoing and Reason Why: I think it starts with me and then goes straight down the maknae line. We’re good at making the other members laugh.

A question to ask the fans: What artist did you like before liking BTS?

Seeing J-Hope becoming a CEO and creating his own idol group is definitely something fans want to see in the future! ARMYs know just how fitting CEO Jung Hoseok would be!

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