BTS’s Jin Playfully Rejects Double Standards For Celebrities


Jin is living his most leJindary life, and he’s not going to let anyone–or anything–change him!

Deep down, this wealthy star is still the same Kim Seokjin: a punny guy with a windshield wiper laugh and a sassy attitude.

On July 7, BTS’s official YouTube channel uploaded “BTS Highlight Clip” for their radio show FM 06.13. In it, the members celebrate their seventh anniversary by acting out The Wizard of Oz and reading ARMY’s messages.

Towards the end of the show, Jin did what Jin does best: wordplay. His poem (born from the word “anniversary”) made his members crack up, but as usual, all the attention was too much for this bashful star.

When Suga pointed out that Jin had turned red, Jin playfully fired back at him with, “Can’t celebrities turn red too? That’s so unfair.” After all, fame doesn’t equal flawlessness, and many entertainers are shy off-stage.

This isn’t the first time Jin has rejected celebrity stereotypes. Even though he’s rich, he still loves to get free stuff. Who doesn’t?

For more, find out why BTS completely lost it over Jin and J-Hope‘s voice acting here, or watch the full video below.

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