BTS’s Jungkook and V Impress With Their Humble And Pure Personalities – 5 Moments That Will Make You Go “Aw…”


BTS‘s Jungkook and V are known for their impressive visuals that are simply out of this world. However, it seems that it is their personalities that have solidified the entry into the fandom for this new fan. In a post on an online community with over 50,000 views, this new Army explains why she had fallen for the duo.

The fan explains that Jungkook and V just seem so pure and innocent, unlike the seasoned and skilled idols they actually are. Comments agreed with her sentiments, explaining that the two really are just the softest people in the world.

Here are 5 moments that will definitely make your heart crumble at how soft they really are.

1. When they were watching an ant

Yes, you’re watching two fully grown, tall men, crouching down just to watch an ant make its way across the stage floor. They may be calling the ant cute, but that’s what we want to say to them as well.

2. When they helped each other apply lip balm

Look at how focused they are trying to help each other! Most idols would have just done it quickly but they took time to really be careful in application.

3. When they were playing around on stage

Even though the boys are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of performance through their stages, the adorable pair took some time to be playful with each other.

4. When Jungkook gave V a snowglobe

Look at the embarrassed but excited little bunny as he presents his hyung with the gift, then look at V’s reaction and try not to cry.

He looks so incredibly touched with such a humble gift.

5. When Jungkook brought snow back from the mountains

Once, Jungkook went all the way up to the mountains alone, without telling even the filming crew, just to bring back a chunk of snow. Why, you ask? All for Jimin who happens to love snow. The sweet maknae wanted to show his hyung a little bit of what he loves. V helped him to commemorate the moment by taking photos of him and his snowball!

Did these moments tempt you to join the fandom? While you ponder, here is BTS’s latest music video, “Stay Gold”, to help lure you into the deep end.

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