Charlie Puth Calls Out BTS Fans For “Toxic” Behavior ⁠— ARMY Responds


American singer Charlie Puth is calling for an end to a “dangerous, toxic, internet screaming match” in response to the messages he received from some BTS fans.

In 2018, Charlie Puth performed his song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” with Jungkook at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards. The performance received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans, many calling it a dream come true for Jungkook, who has been a huge Charlie Puth fan for years.

Charlie Puth has also expressed his admiration for BTS and their music, both in person and online.

Not all fans, however, are fond of Charlie Puth’s connection to BTS, having accused him of using the group “for clout”. On July 5, Charlie Puth opened up about these negative tweets, imploring fans to stop.

He also expressed his love for BTS, calling them “super talented”…

…and reminded commenters how much their words can affect a person’s mental health.

“We all need to love each other more than ever right now,” he said, once again calling for an end to the “screaming”.

Charlie Puth’s tweets, particularly the one about him using BTS for clout, has received mixed feedback from BTS fans. Some are saying that the issue is old news…

…while others are pointing to TikTok ARMYs as the source of the issue, not stan Twitter.

Meanwhile, other fans are saving their ire for entertainment news outlets, including Variety and Billboard, for allegedly focusing on Charlie Puth’s beef with fans rather than BTS’s latest achievements. BTS’s song “Black Swan” recently broke Adele‘s 5-year-long, worldwide record on iTunes.

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