Cheetah Discusses Teamwork With “Good Girl” Members, First Acting Experience, And More


Cheetah recently shot a pictorial and shared her thoughts with the fashion magazine bnt!

Cheetah started off by talking about the movie “Jazzy Misfits,” in which she made her acting debut. It tells the story of a mother (played by Jo Min Soo) and daughter (played by Cheetah) who meet in Itaewon and chase after the second daughter in the family who has run off with money. This was Cheetah’s first production as an actress, and she took on the role of Soon Deok, who had to grow up and act like an adult from a young age.

She said, “It started with a simple recommendation, but it turned out I was going to play the main character. It was fortunate that there was not as much harsh criticism as I thought there would be, and it was a fun experience. Unlike producing music, I was able to work with a lot of people while acting, so I wasn’t lonely.”

When asked if she would ever try acting again, she candidly replied, “I’d love to do it if I have a chance, but I think I was able to film ‘Jazzy Misfits’ because it was in such a good atmosphere with a good cast and crew [who were kind enough to help me as a rookie actress].”

Cheetah mentioned the difficulties of acting, saying, “It was difficult to not be able to express myself with just facial expressions and gestures. On the stage, you have to sing, rap, and perform in three minutes, but acting is different. I felt like I was learning another language because I had to think about the words before saying them in order to convey the meaning properly.”

Cheetah recently starred in Mnet’s reality program “Good Girl,” in which female hip hop and R&B artists from various musical backgrounds, such as underground rappers, current idols, and popular singers, teamed up to compete in quests against the broadcasting station.

She shared her affection for the cast members, saying, “I’ve been on many survival programs, but it was my first time forming a team to face another team, and most of all, it was really great to feel a sense of belonging. We all have different personalities and tastes, but we get along so well that it’s a little loud, but it’s fun.”

Cheetah also commented about the competitive spirit between them saying, “Of course it’s good to win on stage, but I don’t feel like that at all. Even the last stage of our showdown felt like our gala. I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel nervous and I was able to perform comfortably.”

In one episode of the show, Cheetah teamed up with Jamie and won against Sleeq and QUEEN WA$ABII. She said, “Although we did win the Super Quest, the show doesn’t actually have winners. I’ve been on many contest programs, but this is the first time I’ve received a prize, so I’m very happy. I’ll make better music with the desktop and recording equipment I bought with the prize money.”

When asked if she feels any pressure from working in various fields, Cheetah answered, “I receive counseling or take medicine if I need to, so there is no major stress. I need to control my mental health so that people around me can work efficiently without stress.”

She also shared what she wants to do right now the most, saying, “I want to take a break first. I’ve been doing a lot of things for the past few months, so I think I’m starting to get burnt out. If I get a good rest for a week, I think I can do well no matter what comes next. That’s because I am the head of my family that consists of my mom, four cats, and two dogs.”

Furthermore, Cheetah mentioned her role model is her mom. She explained, “People who come over to my house for me actually come to visit my mom next time. They ask about how she’s doing, and they miss talking with her and eating her food. That’s how charming and cool she is, and I’m grateful that someone like her gave birth to me and raised me. I have a long way to go if I’m going to become like her.”

Lastly, she talked about her final goal. She shared, “I hope I have a good influence in this field, and I hope that his influence will grow a little bit and reach people on the other side of the globe. But what I want the most is the happiness and health of me and the people around me.”

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