Clueless Netizens Involve BTS’s Jimin In Former AOA’s Mina’s Bullying Controversy – And ARMYs Want To Set Things Straight


Following news of former AOA member Mina‘s series of Instagram posts…

…in exposing her experience as a victim of bullying by AOA’s Jimin

…some clueless netizens turned to Twitter to post hate messages directed at BTS‘s Jimin instead.

Last June 3, 2020, Mina posted on Instagram that she tried to take her own life after more than 10 years of experience being bullied by an AOA co-member.

It felt like things were just getting worse and worse, and because of that unnie, I even attempted to take my own life.

– Mina

Since Mina talked about attending the bully’s father’s funeral, fans concluded that she was talking about Jimin, whose father passed away this April.

When more people started to find out about Mina’s bullying issue, they were quick to post their frustrations…

…but they were misdirected, as they talked about BTS’s Jimin, instead of AOA’s Jimin.

ARMYs posted on Twitter to clear BTS’s Jimin name and to set things straight.

Fans of other artists named Jimin also posted to clear the names of their idols.

Additionally, Mina also named AOA’s Jimin as the bully in her Instagram post, too.

I’ve been hiding medicine boxes since I was 21 and held everything in by taking pills. I’ve lived like this because of Shin Jimin… because of the unnie that is sleeping well right now.

– Mina

In her final update about the issue, Mina posted that she was able to sit down and talk to AOA’s Jimin to hopefully “resolve” the matter.

I kept telling her and after a while, Jimin began apologizing over and over again. So… she said sorry and I accepted her apology. I let her leave. The other members and I talked a bit more. I promised them that I’ll work on getting better and that I won’t make any bad decisions.

– Mina

Source: Mina’s Official Instagram

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