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Coffee is always welcome

In the words of the fabulous Veronica Parrrrrk of The Secret Life of My Secretary fame, “Men are always welcome.” So is coffee — hence my title. What you’re thinking is correct: you’re about to read a BeanieBox review. Gasp! But stick with me for the stick coffee, and some Important Coffee Thoughts.

A BeanieBox filled with coffee, coffee, and some more coffee was enough to make my heart sing, so I gladly volunteered for a review. The Coffee Lover box is one of the two new themed boxes we’ve conjured up, and if you’re curious how the themed boxes are different from (or better than) the regular BeanieBox, so was I.

And what did I find inside? Lots. of. coffee. To start, a huge box of our much-loved PPL favorite Maxim (20 servings, box slightly crushed but not minding that much. Then, there was a cute little sachet of mixed and matched single serve coffees like KANU, See’s cafè vanilla latte, French Cafè, GomGom, and Cafe Mori. In short, over 30 cups of coffee.

Snacks were also included! There were two savory snacks (onion chips and shrimp chips) — and my guilty pleasure, Pepero. Unlike the ordinary Pepero, the box I got was the “Nude Chocolate” variety. How alluring! But what is nude chocolate, exactly? I’ll let you know when I open them. I’m saving them for a Sunday night blues snack.

By far the most exciting item in the Coffee Lover box, though, was the famous thermos from the banner you’ve been seeing on Dramabeans for weeks now. I honestly didn’t expect it to be in my sample box at all, and my squeal of excitement when I saw it scared the squirrel right off my deck. It’s adorable, but the tagline is even better: Who needs sleep? Watch more dramas.

But back to the coffee. Are you wondering what a girl with an already elaborate coffee stash can do with 30+ servings of instant coffees to try and definitely not 30 days in which to try them? Well, all these coffees are important, useful, and enjoyable for several reasons, which I’ve set out to prove below.

  • NBWC: Never be without coffee. You never know when you will be out on the road, staying over a friend’s house, or you know, visiting your brother who has no coffee (ahem). Stick your stick coffee in your purse, and you won’t get stuck without coffee.
  • Quick fix for an empty cabinet: Say you run out of coffee and forget to buy more… until the morning when you wake up and your coffee cup and cabinet are both empty. Okay, I’ve never once done this, but if you’re the type to forget to keep up with your coffee supply, a stick of Maxim goes a long way in misery prevention.
  • Make all the trendy coffees: Has your Instagram also been overrun with photos of the glorious (and pretty!) Dalgona coffee? Well, it’s easy to make, but most of us don’t have instant coffee on hand. Until the Coffee Lover Beanie Box. Now I have a gazillion sticks of coffee with which to create a nice afternoon Dalgona coffee (Note: don’t me like me and use an instant coffee with milk powder in it. It has to be straight-up coffee to froth!)
  • Role-playing made easy: As a PPL stalker and a drama lover, I get a big kick out of drinking the coffee I see right in my dramas. Maxim is a given, but yeah, I’m giggling thinking of Jang Ki-yong and his mug of KANU in Kill It.
  • Bake your heart out: Are you a baker? Did you know that coffee/coffee granules bring out the richness of chocolate without actually adding a coffee flavor (same as vanilla extract)? It’s science. I bake with a lot of chocolate — trust me, your chocolate cake will never be the same.
  • Free nostalgia: I don’t usually drink instant coffee, but I actually love it for all the reasons listed here. But most especially, I love it because it brings back some precious childhood memories. When I stayed over my grandma’s house, she would be up at the crack of dawn with a coffee and the newspaper as company, and to this day there is something about the unique smell of instant coffee that brings me back to those dear times. So, my cup of Maxim is good for a giggle, and shedding a tear of gratitude, too.

We asked missvictrix to review our new Coffee Lover BeanieBox. Each box is full of different brands of coffee sticks and tasty Korean treats so make sure to subscribe by July 16th to get this month’s box. Shipping is free to the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
-DB Staff


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