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Oh My Baby: Episode 16 (Final)

Unrealized expectations can lead to disappointment and in order to be truly happy, our heroine has accepted that she must be more realistic about her future. With the threat of a professional shakeup, she has to consider both her professional and personal goals. What she does know is that there’s only one person that she wants to share her future with but she needs to find out if he feels the same way about her.

EPISODE 16: “Questions about things that disappear”

After returning to town, Yi-sang visited a park to snap some photos and noticed an elderly couple sitting on a bench. Yi-sang took a photo of the couple and recalled that he saw Ha-ri arrive home when he stopped by her house.

Leaving the park, Yi-sang returned to a campsite by a lake. The beautiful stars in the sky weren’t enough to keep Yi-sang from checking Ha-ri’s social media. When Yi-sang saw Ha-ri’s latest photo with the comment, “Like always, I’m doing great,” he broke down in sobs.

Yi-sang eventually reconnected with Soo-chul and was asked, “Are you over her now?” Yi-sang admitted, “I tried so hard to avoid her. But I saw her by coincidence. And that was enough to make me crumble down again.”

While Soo-chul understood how Yi-sang must have felt when Ha-ri gave up her dream because of him, he didn’t agree with Yi-sang’s sacrifice in the name of love. After a text from Ha-ri, Soo-chul announced that the (formerly) infertile couple’s baby was about to be born and handed his camera bag to Yi-sang.

That brings us to the moment that Yi-sang came face-to-face with Ha-ri at the hospital. Before they can say a word to each other, the husband hurries the pair to his wife’s room.

The exhausted expectant mother offers Ha-ri a weak smile and confesses that she’s ready to greet her baby. When a contraction causes her to cry out in pain, a nurse appears to take her to the delivery room.

Ha-ri and Yi-sang join the husband in the waiting room but they’re careful to sit apart. After a medical team runs into the delivery room, the doctor emerges to explain that while the baby was delivered safely, the new mother lost a lot of blood. The doctor promises another update once both of her patients are stable.

After an agonizing wait, the doctor returns to report that the wife’s bleeding is under control but she’s still unconscious. When his wife is wheeled to the ICU, her husband accompanies her, calling out her name.

In the ICU waiting room, the new grandparents are now with the husband and when he’s allowed to see his wife, the grandmothers join him. After glancing at Ha-ri, Yi-sang gets up to get some coffee but when he returns, she’s gone. Yi-sang finds Ha-ri outside of the newborns’ nursery and he finally speaks, “What are you doing here alone?”

Ha-ri explains that since the baby can’t be with its mother, she wanted to be close by. As tears trail down her cheeks, Ha-ri realizes, “Our moms all risked their lives to give birth to us, but we forget that.” Looking at the tiny baby in the ultrasound image that the wife gave her, Ha-ri tells Yi-sang, “I shouldn’t have let her wish us luck.” Resisting the temptation to comfort her, all Yi-sang can do is watch Ha-ri cry.

When Ha-ri and Yi-sang return to the ICU waiting room, the relieved husband reports that his wife is awake. He thanks Ha-ri and Yi-sang for their support and promises to stay in touch as he goes back to his new family.

Yi-sang offers a tired Ha-ri a ride home but she asks, “If you were going to worry about me like this, why did you leave in the first place?” Ha-ri informs Yi-sang, “I’m done with the homework you gave me. What about you?” When Yi-sang doesn’t answer, she announces, “I see nothing has changed,” and walks away.

When Ha-ri reaches her house, Yi-sang catches up to her to confess, “I missed you.” Still worried that he’ll bring Ha-ri misery, Yi-sang admits, “Nothing has changed. You weren’t the only one who was devastated. I wished for the treatment to have been a success too, and I felt like my world had collapsed.”

Ha-ri heads for her door but Yi-sang calls out, “I’m worried that…You’ll be miserable and in pain, so how can I ask you to let me love you?” Ha-ri reminds Yi-sang that he urged her to never give up but he was the one who surrendered.

At home, a miserable looking Yi-sang is in his living room when Ha-ri rings his doorbell. Inside, Ha-ri asks Yi-sang, “What if I waited a little longer? How much more time do you need?” Yi-sang confesses that even though he’s anxious about their relationship, “I want to stop that now…Though it may bring misery, I want to be with you. Is that okay?”

Ha-ri reminds Yi-sang that it’s normal to struggle, to even be miserable at times. Moving closer, Ha-ri places her hand on Yi-sang’s face and promises, “I won’t change, so neither will you.” When Yi-sang pulls Ha-ri into a hug, she wraps her arms around him tightly.

Yi-sang sets Ha-ri on his bed and as he leans forward to kiss her, the camera pans away. When the morning sun fills Yi-sang’s apartment, Ha-ri shows Yi-sang that her ring is on the chain around her neck.

Yi-sang asks, “So what’s your answer,” and Ha-ri tells him, “I don’t care if I have a baby or not. I don’t care if I’m with someone or not. I just want to be happy on my own.” When Yi-sang asks where he fits in, Ha-ri explains, “…I love you. And I’m saying I won’t ever get swayed,” and he vows, “I will never run away again.”

As Yi-sang makes breakfast, his ring is back on his finger. Ready to join him, Ha-ri sees a crisp, white dress shirt on a hanger and smiles, “All men want the same thing.” When Ha-ri walks out wearing his shirt, Yi-sang sputters, “I ironed that dress shirt so I could wear it later.”

After changing into her own clothes, Ha-ri and Yi-sang sit down to breakfast and when she gets a photo of the couple with their newborn, she shares it with Yi-sang. Asked if she’s given up on having a child, Ha-ri answers, “…it’d be nice to have one…But I don’t think I’ll be sad about not having a child.”

Ha-ri adds that they’ll have fun together as long as Yi-sang stops making dad jokes and he suddenly imagines a small girl sitting across from him, “Dad…why do you keep making dad jokes when we’re living in 2020? You make me feel so embarrassed.” Ha-ri reappears in front of Yi-sang and advises, “Think of something pure and clean,” and he protests, “I was thinking of something very pure right now.”

Yi-sang visits his doctor to resume treatment and he explains that his desire for a baby has only deepened. After Yi-sang leaves the building, he approaches a familiar-looking baby in a stroller and when she starts to cry, Jae-young stands up, “Why are you making my kid cry?”

At a nearby park, Yi-sang explains that he and Ha-ri are back together for good even though Jae-young didn’t ask. After Jae-young announces that he doesn’t want to be the annoying guy friend any longer, Yi-sang asks him, “…can’t you come back and be her best friend again?” Yi-sang teases, “I didn’t want to tell you this, but I like you…Who knows? We could turn out to be good friends,” but Jae-young quips, “I doubt it.”

As they leave the park, the men witness Ha-ri’s mom trying to get away from a stranger. Yi-sang demands to know, “Are you selling her something,” while Jae-young asks, “Auntie, did he steal from you?”

When the men introduce themselves as Mom’s son and son-in-law, the man hurries away. Angry, Mom informs Yi-sang and Jae-young that they ruined her first chance at a date in decades and when asked why she was trying to get away, she snaps that she was playing hard-to-get. Seeing Yi-sang, Mom announces, “Fancy seeing you here,” as Jae-young makes a hasty exit.

At Dachae Media, Hyo-joo and Eu-tteum work late on ad sales and when they disagree about whether to spend their time renewing existing contracts or getting new ones, Hyo-joo snaps, “Do you not have a fighting spirit or is it your confidence that lacks.” After apologizing to Eu-tteum, Hyo-joo explains that she never cared about her job and now that she does, the magazine is in crisis.

Eu-tteum leaves to get some food for their all-nighter and returns to discover that Hyo-joo fell asleep while working. When she wakes up, Hyo-joo has a pen mark across her face and Eu-tteum exclaims, “I had no idea you could be this adorable.”

Vice President Joo meets with Manager Kim and Ha-ri to warn that the chairman and top executives are ready to cancel both the print and online ventures of The Baby. Vice President Joo assures them that their team members will be moved to other jobs and that there’s a position waiting for Manager Kim. Turning to Ha-ri, Vice President Joo promises to make room for her somewhere.

Ha-ri tells her team the news and when Yeon-ho asks Ha-ri what she plans to do, she admits, “I’m still thinking.” Reminding everyone that they did good work, Ha-ri advises the women to carefully consider their options. Yeon-ho, Hyo-joo and So-yoon propose a last ditch effort to convince the chairman and executives to keep The Baby up and running.

When Ha-ri calls for an all-nighter, Yeon-ho, Hyo-joo and So-yoon put in their hands for a group handshake but Ha-ri tells them, “Save the energy for the presentation.” As the team works into the night, Ha-ri pulls out her phone and calls a contact to ask for a favor.

At Jambi Studio, Soo-chul sadly informs Yi-sang that he’ll have to close down without the work from the magazine. Yi-sang adds to Soo-chul’s worries when he announces, “I’m done renting out the space too.”

Surveying the studio, Yi-sang proposes, “Let’s run this place together instead. Have me as a co-owner.” Happy to finally partner with Yi-sang, Soo-chul accepts his offer and the two men shake hands.

In the morning, Ha-ri leads the way as her team walks to the meeting with the chairman. Ha-ri starts off the presentation with a summary of the magazine’s most popular videos that added to the readership of the print edition.

When the chairman reminds Ha-ri that the magazine’s subscription rate keeps falling, Vice President Joo reminds him that it targets a very specific audience. Ha-ri presents proof that The Baby has twice as many influencers and bloggers supporting them compared to their competition, along with a loyal subscriber base.

The chairman argues that there aren’t enough devoted subscribers to keep The Baby in operation, so Ha-ri offers to take on additional business endeavors to finance the magazine. The chairman announces, “I think it’s time we stop,” but Ha-ri convinces him to watch a video that her team prepared.

The video presents several women who explain how The Baby improved their lives plus a male model who’s now a university student. He shares that his shoot for the magazine when he was five years old launched his career.

Standing before the executives with her team, Ha-ri makes a final appeal, “This is a business, so I know we need to make profit. But…we can’t put a price on our magazine.” After they leave, the chairman begins another discussion about the future of The Baby.

Back at their desks, Ha-ri and the others wait nervously while Vice President Joo makes his case for keeping The Baby. Manager Kim and Eu-ttuem join Ha-ri’s team to wait for news and are present when Vice President Joo announces that while the print magazine wasn’t saved, its online presence will continue. Vice President Joo informs Manager Kim and Eu-tteum that they’re now working for the online business and he asks Ha-ri to do her best on the print edition’s final issue.

Ha-ri escapes to the balcony to call Editor Shim and they meet later for a drink, with Editor Shim’s baby for company. After giving Ha-ri a big hug and telling her, “You did well.” Editor Shim returns to her laptop to submit an article that she just finished.

Ha-ri comments that Editor Shim seems busier than ever and she explains, “Working at home means that I have to work while babysitting.” When Yeon-ho, Hyo-joo and So-yoon arrive, they’re shocked to see their former boss without makeup and in ‘mom’ attire, yet when Editor Shim orders them to set the table, they jump into action.

Over beers, Editor Shim reminds the team, “We knew it wouldn’t last.” When Editor Shim asks about their future plans, Yeon-ho announces that she was asked to head the online platform after Ha-ri put in a good word for her. So-yoon decided to stay on as well but she’s also thinking about graduate school.

Hyo-joo is transferring to the fashion department and Editor Shim warns, “The people there will be nothing but territorial, so don’t let them intimidate you.” When asked about her plans, Ha-ri admits, “I’m drawing a blank. What am I supposed to do with my life?”

Putting the magazine’s closure in perspective, Editor Shim reminds the team, “…don’t think that the cancellation of The Baby was your fault. It had nothing to do with your performances. Blame the darn company instead!”

Ha-ri returns to Dachae Media early in the morning to pen her final column. As Ha-ri writes that The Baby is closing down after thirty years, a casualty of the digital age, she offers the readers an update on her personal quest to become a mother, “I’m still unmarried and without children. However, I now have someone I truly love.”

Yi-sang is drawn into a store after seeing a baby shoe display in the window and Ha-ri writes, “My boyfriend was against having children at first, but he’s been collecting baby shoes in secret.” Jae-young is busy with his successful clinic as Ha-ri shares, “My friend…is now back on his feet and finding his way again.”

Eun-young waits to be interviewed for a job and Ha-ri writes, “My other friend who had to put her career on hold to raise her children…is knocking the high doors of the job market again.” Ha-ri concludes, “We may seem like we haven’t achieved anything, but we’ve been taking small steps forward all this time.”

The sign that reads The Baby Editing Department is changed to The Baby Media Team and Yeon-ho moves to the head desk. Manager Kim calls the existing advertising clients while Eu-tteum hands him a large stack of new leads.

About to turn 40, Ha-ri informs her readers that she’s still curious about what her future holds and she signs off, “Instead of saying my last goodbye, I will be curious of your tomorrow…I hope that you’ll find your own answers.”

On her 40th birthday, a congratulatory text wakes up Ha-ri in her new apartment. Jae-young drops off Do-ah at daycare and we see that she’s now walking. When one of her teachers flirts with Jae-young, he explains that he’s content with his life as a single dad.

At his clinic, Jae-young gets to work on an article “You’re walking already?” Ha-ri has a new office and when she opens the door, Eun-young is reading Jae-young’s article and announces, “Jae-young must be busy writing all day instead of working.” Ha-ri informs her, “Now that he has the most subscribers, he wants to publish a book.”

Since they have so many subscribers, Eun-young suggests hiring some help but Ha-ri reminds her that they can’t afford employees. Eun-young argues, “…we need to hire people and be more aggressive in order to make a profit,” and she asks for a web designer and someone to handle advertisements just as Eu-tteum enters with a birthday cake for Ha-ri.

Ha-ri introduces her friends to one another and after learning that Eu-tteum works in advertising, Eun-young grills him about his job. After Ha-ri stresses, “Our company is one of the best start-up companies with an extremely great vision for the future,” Eutteum realizes that they’re trying to recruit him. Eu-tteum asks for time to think about the offer, explaining, “I’m not as naive as I used to be.”

That night, Ha-ri has dinner with Mom and Jae-young, who wishes Ha-ri a happy birthday by placing meat in her bowl. When they pass it back and forth like kids, Mom threatens, “That’s enough.” Mom asks about Jae-young’s love life and when Ha-ri advises her mother, “You’re the one who should start dating,” Mom turns to her, “Why aren’t you getting married?” After Ha-ri asks to take her food home, they all bicker like a real family and end up laughing.

Mom brings Ha-ri some food to take home while she’s packing some of her things. She learns that Yi-sang had an out-of-town photoshoot but he’s due back that night. When Mom asks about marriage plans, Ha-ri reminds her that she’s in no hurry and assures her, “I’m happy. I’m very happy.”

Yi-sang arrives home with a big box and he smiles broadly as Ha-ri opens her gift. Confused to see nutritional supplements, Yi-sang explains the reason behind his gift, “My hormone levels are very close to average, so we should get ready.” When Yi-sang announces that he wants two sons and two daughters, Ha-ri calls him greedy.

Ha-ri heads to her room and when Yi-sang follows her, he explains, “I want to sleep with you.” Someone needs to explain that it’s not his birthday. Ha-ri reminds Yi-sang, “…if you keep doing this, that gives us no reason to sleep in separate rooms.”

Later, dressed in pajamas and carrying his pillow, Yi-sang knocks on Ha-ri’s door but she reminds him, “We promised to respect each other’s private lives.” When Ha-ri shuts her door, a disappointed Yi-sang stretches out in front of her room and after she changes her mind, he disappears inside.

At Dachae Media, Yeon-ho asks So-yoon, Soo-chul and Manager Kim what a dream about a rainbow colored whale could mean. Soo-chul suggests that it was a conception dream and it turns out that both he and Manager Kim have had ones of their own. Yeon-ho asks, “Who do you think is pregnant,” and the men simultaneously gasp when they wonder if they’re adding to their families.

At home, Ha-ri’s mother tells some friends that she dreamed about a golden pig that she managed to ride before waking up. One of the friends urges Mom to buy a lottery ticket but the other friend argues, “What are you talking about? It’s a conception dream.” When the friend adds, “The baby will be rich,” the women shout with joy.

As they walk hand-in-hand through a park, Ha-ri tells Yi-sang about her latest dream, “This time, a dragon gave me a bunch of magic pearls.” She agrees when Yi-sang guesses that it must mean that Ha-ri’s business will do well. Almost done with her snack, Ha-ri sees that Yi-sang’s hasn’t been touched and offers, “If you don’t want that, I’ll have it.”

When Yi-sang asks if she’s hungry, Ha-ri admits, “I’m always hungry these days.” Yi-sang mentions dinner and Ha-ri exclaims, “I could eat anything and everything,” and he promises, “I’ll cook anything you want.” After Ha-ri tells Yi-sang, “I’ll do anything for you too. Your wish is my command,” they laugh together happily.


Yi-sang carries Ha-ri into a hospital while she pulls his hair. Yi-sang shouts to no one in particular, “Her water broke,” as a very pregnant Ha-ri breathes her way through a contraction.


I think that finale checked off every one of my most important boxes. I was satisfied with the ending thanks to all of those conception dreams and Ha-ri’s ravenous appetite, which hinted strongly that she was already pregnant as we said goodbye to our fertility challenged couple. That epilogue gave me exactly what I wanted though, a very pregnant Ha-ri, proof that she and Yi-sang managed to get their miracle after all. Ha-ri ended up with a forever birthday present and I appreciated that fact that Oh My Baby came full circle when Yi-sang carried her into the hospital just as he did in the first episode, but this time she really was in labor.

As much as I disliked the noble idiocy of the previous episode, I think it was necessary because I never believed that Yi-sang dealt with his infertility. After his broken engagement, Yi-sang kept himself busy with new activities so that he didn’t have to deal with it and that worked for a very long time. But when he fell for Ha-ri and wanted to make her dream of becoming a mother come true, Yi-sang allowed himself to imagine what it would be like to become a father. After his disappointing test results, Yi-sang realized just how devastated Ha-ri was when she learned that she might never have a baby of her own because for the first time, he felt the same way.

I don’t think that Yi-sang was able to accept that Ha-ri was truly all right with the possibility of never having a child because he couldn’t accept that for himself. But when Ha-ri chose her love for Yi-sang, knowing how unlikely it was that they would become parents, it broke down what was left of his wall and he finally allowed himself to be with her. Whew.

In spite of the angst over her career, Ha-ri found the path that was right for her, a new baby magazine, aptly titled Oh My Baby, a collaboration with her friends Eun-young and Jae-young. Even though we didn’t get a wedding, Ha-ri and Yi-sang began their life together and he put down even more roots when he became the co-owner of Jambi Studio with Soo-chul. Jae-young moved past his unrequited love for Ha-ri and discovered that being the father of the adorable Do-ah was what mattered to him the most.

Eu-tteum and Hyo-joo are on their way to becoming good friends, and someday, perhaps more. And it looks as if he’ll be working for Ha-ri’s new venture at some point. I want to thank the drama gods for bringing Editor Shim back to guide her former team through their grief over the loss of The Baby. I grew to love her no nonsense approach and her resiliency and it was great to see her again.

I respect that Oh My Baby tackled the difficult topic of infertility, for both men and women. It was no surprise that Jang Nara conveyed Ha-ri’s highs and lows so deftly and Go Joon was such a pleasant surprise as the hopelessly smitten Yi-sang. I can’t wait to see him again as a romantic lead. I’m going to miss Ha-ri and Yi-sang but I’m satisfied to imagine them raising their kid(s) to the best of their abilities while loving each other.


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