Eric Nam Gives A First Look Into His New Album “The Other Side”


Eric Nam has already started the countdown to his much anticipated album as he unveiled the first teaser image bearing the album’s name.

Eric Nam has officially introduced his fourth mini album! Releasing the first image teaser he revealed the name of the album being “The Other Side”. 

The image showcases a retro mood with the use of subdued lighting and colours. In addition to that props such as a vintage mini Macintosh Classic II computer on a table full of accessories such as floppy disks and a dial phone that evokes late 90’s throwback feel. 

Eric Nam

The name of the album, “The Other Side” is pretty self explanatory. It literally means to look the other way onto the other side. The album will explore the flip side to a person’s seemingly normal daily life. An individual may seem happy and perfect on the outside, but they could possibly be suppressing their hardships within.

Eric Nam’s “The Other Side,” aims to embody hope for this dark flip side in people’s lives. The songs are going to be like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. The lyrics are written as such so that listeners will feel hopeful that everything will eventually get better. 

The title song also is reflective of the very message of overcoming hardships with optimism. Eric Nam will be releasing the new mini album “The Other Side” on various music platforms on July 30.

Source: iMBC

Images Credit To: Stone Music Entertainment

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