Even BTS’s Worldwide Handsome Jin Sometimes Questions If He Really Is Handsome


Taking a look at BTS’s oldest member and hyung Jin’s profile from 2015 proves just how constant he is as a person and an artist. He wishes to have a calm personality and likes to be clean and neat when it comes to fashion sense and overall personality. His bucket list wishes also show just how much he wanted to succeed and show gratitude towards everyone who supported him and the group.

Name: Kim Seokjin

Blood Type: O

Birthday/Sign: December 4, 1992/Sagittarius

Family: Father, mother, older brother

Conception Dream: My mother dreamed of a golden carp

School: (My parents are not comfortable with me sharing the location) – KonKuk University

Personality: I want to be calm and free-spirited

Hobbies/Skills: eating/cooking development

Habit: I move my face muscles if I’m stressed or hungry

Motive to become a singer: People performing on stage was so cool looking that I wanted to be like them

Favorite food: Rice bread, carbonara

Confident Cooking Dish: Chicken breast fried rice

Favorite Sport: Snowboarding

Favorite Movie: Matrix, zombie movies

Things I Like To Collect: Super Mario figures

Favorite Nickname: Shoulder Hyung

Close Celebrity Friend: VIXX’s Ken

Celebrity I Want to be close with: everyone

TV Show I’d Like To Appear On: Three Meals A Day because I want to try and live self-sufficiently.

Fashion Sense: I like to dress neat and tidy

Ideal Girl Type: puppy face girl, personality like a puppy, someone who is nice and good to me, someone who is good at cooking

3 Things On My Bucket List: Performing on a large stage at a concert that I will never forget, live without worrying about money, live with gratitude towards everyone that supports and loves me

Life Motto: Live freely

BTS Ranking of ‘aegyo’ and why: Jimin>V>J-Hope>Jin=Suga=Jungkook=RM Jimin is number one because his personality itself is ‘aegyo’. RM is last because he doesn’t have any aegyo.

Question I want to ask the fans: Am I really good-looking though?

Looks like Jin has crossed off things from his bucket list as he’s become one of the world’s biggest K-Pop boy bands in history! Although he may be one of the most sought after artist of this generation, he still loves to ask fans if he really truly is ‘worldwide handsome’!

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