EXO-SC Look Like A Million Bucks In Concept Photos For “1 Billion Views”


The dynamic duo of EXO-SC appear dazzling in the new concept photos for their upcoming album 1 Billion Views.

EXO-SC are gearing up to release their highly anticipated album, 1 Billion Views. Sehun and Chanyeol (EXO-SC) showed off their heart shaking visuals in glamorous concept photos. 

The pair is raising anticipations for their comeback album 1 Billion Views. The album contains nine tracks in total. They include, the titular track, “1 Billion Views,” “Say It,” “Rodeo Station,” “Telephone,” “Jet Lag,” “Fly Away,” “Nothin’,” “On Me”. The album also includes an instrumental version of the track “1 Billion Views” as well.

The title track is composed of heavy hip-hop influences with a twist of funky guitar and disco rhythms. The lyrics are a witty expression of how one keeps on watching videos of their loved one on loop as they miss them. Besides to add to the glam of the track, vocalist MOON will be featuring on it as well.

Rocking The Retro Look   

On July 1, concept photos featuring Chanyeol were released on EXO’s official SNS. The images showcased the singer-rapper’s irresistible visuals in an evocative manner. Rocking a platinum mullet, Chanyeol looks like a fashion icon straight from the eighties era.

EXO-SC Chanyeol

The colorful setting gives the overall ambiance a groovy yesteryear style. The vibrancy is undeniable and props like the neon lights, graffiti and bright posters gives the images a kind of a pop art look.

Chanyeol’s overall style is a throwback to the eighties fashion. The artist looks effortlessly cool as his outfit, a monochromatic, over-sized sweater and flared gingham style pants really scream disco vibes through and through.


Chanyeol looks like the ultimate poster boy of a retro album as he melts hearts with his expressive gaze, voguish style and alluring appearance.


Sehun looks like the ultimate show stopper as he flaunts his pastel pink hair in an elegant emerald suit. He mesmerizes like the stunner that he is. The concept pictures bring forward his allure in the most appealing way. 

EXO-SC Sehun 1 Billion Views

The enrapturing rapper spellbinds with his mere gaze that is enough to stir fans’ hearts  as digital numbers flash across Sehun’s face.

EXO-SC Sehun

It would be an understatement to say that Sehun exudes power in this image because he doesn’t just express the term ‘like a boss,’ he truly embodies it like one. 


The artist is the personification of royalty as he showcases his charisma in a bit of a quirky fashion as he stands on top of what seems to be a magnified hard disk as the words, “EXO-SC,” and “1 Billion Views,” flash across of various digital screens.


Sehun’s piercing gaze and sharp looks are taken to the next level! The musician looks magnetizing amidst a neon aesthetic while he takes fans’ breaths away with his beguiling bearing. 


The duo will be releasing another concept photo on July 4. Besides that, on July 6, the pair will be revealing yet another teaser image that will contain the details of the album. They will be following it up with a “Special Present” image on July 7. And another teaser image will drop on July 8 as well.

Additionally, on July 9 the two talented artists will be treating fans with an MV teaser image for “Nothin’”. EXO-SC will then release the teaser image of their track “On Me,” on July 10. The MV teaser for the title track will be showcased on July 11.  It will be followed by the track’s teaser image on July 12.

EXO-SC will release their album 1 Billion Views alongside the music video on various music sites as well as for its eponymous title track on July 13 at 6PM KST.

Source: SM Entertainment

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