EXO-SC Reveals Inspirations And Goals For First Full Album “1 Billion Views”


The power duo of EXO recently shared their honest thoughts about their newest masterpiece!

Prior to the release of their very first regular album 1 Billion Views, Sehun and Chanyeol first participated in an interview where they talked about the details of their highly-anticipated comeback as EXO-SC.

Narrating how they worked hard to create a good album for their fans, Sehun said, “As we worked so hard on it, we hope many people will listen to it, connect with it, and love it.”

The well-loved duo also opened up about their inspirations for the album. “I looked back on my life from my childhood till now when I was writing lyrics. I thought of past experiences, both difficult and fun, and it was nice to be able to look back on a path I’ve been busily running down,” Sehun revealed.

Sharing that he works best when working on music late at night, Chanyeol said, “I tend to get a lot of my ideas at night when it’s quiet and I’m lost in thought.”

Additionally, EXO-SC unveiled their goals and messages for each other.  “We don’t have any big goals. We just hope more people will listen to and enjoy this album than our last album,” Sehun said.

The charming and talented idol also gave a sweet message to his loving teammate by saying, “Let’s keep going like this until the end.” Chanyeol likewise expressed his gratitude to Sehun: “Thank you for doing so well and being with me in 2020. I’m so happy that I get to make music with you.”

Meanwhile, in related news, EXO-SC has finally made their much-awaited comeback! The duo’s first full-album 1 Billion Views is now available on various music platforms worldwide.

Source and Photo Credits: Xports News

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