EXO’s Sehun And Chanyeol Confirm That “Telephone” Being Suddenly Spoiled And Dropped Was Planned


During their live stream in July to promote the drop of their new comeback album, “1 Billion Views”, the boys suddenly sent the fans into a tizzy as they decided to drop their pre-release track, “Telephone” without prior warning.

Nearing 6pm, before they ended their live stream, they told fans that they would just drop the track and told fans to meet them via the Melon music streaming site. Fans were left confused as Sehun pretended to put a call in to Melon’s chairman to ask for permission to release “Telephone” on the day itself.

Although the ruse was up when EXO‘s manager posted on social media that the boys needed to improve their acting skills, fans were tickled at how the boys had fooled them with the spontaneous scenario!

In a recent interview with XSports News, Chanyeol himself spoke up on the matter, setting things straight for fans once and for all. He explained that they had wanted to give the fans who were anxiously waiting, a fun surprise. The boys are aware that fans love the spoilers that they are known to drop in their typical “no turning back” manner, and so they had specially planned this moment for the fans.

As part of promotions, they had gone with the “no turning back” concept and pretended to let the fans listen to “Telephone” on the live stream and then sprung the guerrilla release of the official track on music sites. Although they were worried about it at first, they were happy that the fans loved the little skit, saying that it really felt like it had become a surprise gift to their beloved Eris!

Did you know that it was originally planned to be so, or were you fooled? Regardless, after all that effort and thought that went into planning the scenario, fans can’t help but love them even more! Check out the music video for “Telephone” below!


Source: XSports News and PANN

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