Fanfiction3: A-Li’s Three Lives, Three Worlds


Chapter 75

written by LigayaCroft
edited by Kakashi

The first sight of the verdant hills of Qing Qiu, teeming with multicolor flowers and blessed insects as seen past the crescent moon-shaped mouth of the Eastern Valley, triggered a multitude of happy memories every time Li stepped foot in the place.

Today’s reaction was no different from the ones he had felt many times before. The lush and colorful sights, freedom from ubiquitous rules, absence of any court gossip, and happy citizens as they went about their day, made Qing Qiu Li’s ideal immortal kingdom.

He released a long sigh as he passed through the fog that separated Qing Qiu from the mortal realms. Red dust clung to his clothes and so he began patting them away.

“Tàizǐ[1] Diànxià—“

He whipped around and gave a stern look that caught the Qing Qiu Guardian’s greeting halfway through.

“Do not call me that while I am here, Migu,” he requested in a low voice. “Please.”

“But Tái— no,” Migu swallowed. “I have just gotten used to calling you by your new title and now… Diànxià, let me help you with your load.”

Migu’s hands reached out for the blanket that had been fashioned into a satchel which Li carried on one shoulder, and the box that he held tucked in his other arm.

He shook his head and took a step back.

“Please fetch Mei Lin, Migu. And hurry.”

Migu’s eyes blinked fast, then he frowned, opened his mouth before snapping it back shut again. Tugging on his left ear, he bowed and said, “At once, Diànxià.”

Qing Qiu might not be fortified for war nor invasion but with only one entrance and exit, be it by air or by foot, it was easily defensible. Its mouth lay at the border of both immortal and mortal worlds, made of vapors and mixed with red dust from the Great Desert that made it impossible for mortals to traverse.

He turned to face the dense fog he had just gone through.

As an immortal with his degree of cultivation, the journey had been easy.

Alone, even more so.

But he did not come alone.

* * *

[1] (太子) Crown Prince, literally “Supreme Son”

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