Fans Are Extremely Disappointed In Other AOA Members For Allegedly “Enabling” Former AOA Member Jimin’s Bullying Of Mina


Former AOA member Mina first uploaded a series of posts revealing her experience as a bullying victim of an AOA member on July 3.

Former AOA member Mina

Mina mentioned that this member bullied her to the point of extreme thoughts so fans were concerned about her.

Former AOA member Mina

There wasn’t a name in the first post, but when Jimin responded to Mina’s allegations and Mina finally named her, fans were shocked. They demanded that AOA’s agency, FNC Entertainment, do its best to handle the bullying controversy.

Former AOA member Jimin

Afterwards, Mina posted her final update on the situation, saying that Jimin “apologized” to her. Jimin soon posted her official public apology on her official Instagram account.

Even yesterday, I cried and begged and cried again. Nevertheless, I am very sorry to Mina, as her feelings about me won’t be easily resolved.

– a part of Jimin’s public apology on Instagram

And Mina couldn’t help but post her reaction to Jimin’s apology as well — her posted apology is now deleted from her Instagram account.

I’ll never forget that glare when you came in. I’ll repay you with the same thing when I die. All the eyes and ears that were in my house are the same as you.

– a part of Mina’s reply to Jimin’s public apology

Fans worldwide are disappointed in the rest of AOA members for allegedly “enabling” Jimin’s bullying actions towards Mina, especially after reading her choice of words in the line: “All the eyes and ears that were in my house are the same as you”.

Fans believe that even though they weren’t the bullies themselves, they were “enablers”.

Because of this, online arguments between fans have been triggered.

Some fans, on the other hand, still find it hard to believe that the rest of AOA members could do something as allegedly enable Jimin’s bullying.

At the end of the day, fans just want Mina to receive a sincere apology from everyone who has wronged her.

FNC Entertainment is currently under fire for the “poor way” they handled Jimin’s bullying issue. In conclusion to the bullying issue, Jimin has now withdrawn from the group, as of this writing. She has also left the industry.

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