Fans Are Extremely Worried For Former AOA Member’s Mina’s Health – Especially After Reading Mina’s Reply To Jimin’s “Apology” On Instagram


On July 3, former AOA member Mina first uploaded a series of posts where she revealed that an AOA member bullied her to the point of extreme thoughts.

Mina did not give a name in her first post, but when Jimin responded to Mina’s allegations and Mina finally revealed that the bully was in fact, Jimin, fans demanded for FNC Entertainment to handle the issue.


Early on the morning of July 4, Mina posted her final update on the situation, revealing Jimin apologized to her.

Afterwards, Jimin then posted her public apology on her official Instagram account…

…and soon after, Mina reacted to Jimin’s apology and even outed Jimin’s sexual history at AOA’s dorms:

Yesterday you said to me that you [apologized] because you wanted me to get back on the right path. That kind of person brings a man to the dorm and has sex with him? You should get on the right path first.

– Mina’s reply to Jimin’s apology on Instagram

Fans all over the world who are showing their support for Mina are especially worried about Mina’s last Instagram post…

…especially with her choice of words in the last line:

Shin Jimin, you have so many blessings, how nice it must be with everything on your side. You won. I lost. In the end, I lost.

– Mina’s reply to Jimin’s apology on Instagram

Fans are extremely concerned about Mina’s mental health, since she was bullied to the point of extreme thoughts and even tried to take her own life in the past.

As of this writing, Jimin has now withdrawn from the group. She has also left the industry. Other fans are also worried that something unfortunate may happen to Mina because of the current issue.

FNC Entertainment is currently under fire for the “poor way” they handled Jimin’s bullying issue.

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