Fans Get Teary-Eyed Seeing Photos And Messages Posted By Girl’s Day For Their Ten Year Anniversary


Girl group Girl’s Day celebrated their tenth anniversary since debut! They made their debut into the K-Pop scene on July 9, 2010 and have continued their journey as a group for the past decade. Long-time fans of the group were touched as all members of the group posted a message on Instagram, showing their true and long-lasting friendship.


Yura left a lengthy post revealing her true gratitude and love towards the members and fans for continuing to support them since the beginning.

Hello today is Girls Day’s ten year anniversary! From debuting in 2010 and making it to 2020, time went by so fast for me. It will probably be the most precious moments that I will never forget for the rest of my life. That’s probably why the ten years went by so fast for me. It’s all thanks to everyone who continued to support and love us that we were able to have a happy ten years. And above everything, I grew up as an only child and didn’t have any siblings. Having a younger or older sibling was always my wish and now because I have my members by my side, I am truly the luckiest person in the world.

She hopes that fans will understand and know just how much she loves them and hopes to continue living life together with them.

I know I always say this but…let’s stay together forever, okay? And to all our fans who support us in and out of the spotlight. I can’t express it all in words just how thankful we are and how much we love you. We always want to do more for you all…I wish we could do something more for you all and am always sorry that I am not able to….but you all know our hearts right? We will continue to work hard and show you all something better. To my loves that made the last ten years special! Thank you so much!! Let’s continue this journey together. I hope everyone stays happy always!


Dear Dai5y & GsD. Thank you for being my strength and friend throughout this long period of time. Thank you for being with us, I love you. Ing~


Hello this is Hyeri. Today is Girl’s Day’s ten year anniversary! We have prepared a small gift to thank everyone who have stayed by our side and showed us support all this time. I will continue to work hard and not forget all the gratitude and support I’ve received. Thank you and I love you. Please continue to love us. Special thanks to Girl’s Day & Daisy


Happy Birthday Girl’s Day

As a way to thank fans for their never-ending support and love, the members shared a series of photos the members took to celebrate their ten year anniversary. Let’s take a look at the photos that they released online!

Congrats to Girl’s Day!

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