Fans Trend #ProtectChenle After Sasaeng Shares Disturbing Posts About NCT’s Chenle


After fans called for SM Entertainment to finally address and clear up the accusations surrounding NCT‘s Taeyong, they’re now demanding the company take action to protect Chenle.

Fans have become concerned for his safety following the discovery of a self-proclaimed sasaeng that’s been uploading extremely disturbing posts about themselves and the young singer.

The saesang’s recently created Twitter account first caught fans’ attention with a post that claimed they’d found and saved Chenle’s personal phone number. NCTzens were even more concerned by their next post.

Not only did the sasaeng claim to have Chenle’s personal contact information, but they also uploaded a collage of screenshots of themselves supposedly sending him multiple messages. On top of viewing it as an invasion of Chenle’s privacy, fans also deemed it harassment.

What really worried fans and caused them to voice their concerns were photos that the sasaeng uploaded. In what appeared to be blood, they attempted to write his name and the term “xoxo” along with the caption:

Can’t you see I love you Chenle?

Despite the outcry of fans, the sasaeng uploaded a similar set of photos showing their fingers covered in blood as they attempted to write another message to Chenle.

A little bit messy today, but it says, ‘I love Chenle’

After being confronted by fans, the sasaeng became defensive at the mention of SM Entertainment possibly taking legal action against them regarding the posts they’ve uploaded. They threatened to commit suicide if the company took that line of action.

…when I said I’d have to kill myself if I get sued, I mean it!

The latest post by the sasaeng left fans just as concerned. Using one of the photos of their bloody notes for Chenle, they placed it in one of the photos of him as if he was holding it in his hand.

Chenle is holding the sign I made him.

After seeing such triggering and alarming posts, fans gathered to trend #ProtectChenle to demand better measures to protect Chenle’s safety and privacy.

Since the hashtag has begun to trend in countries around the world, SM Entertainment has yet to address fans’ concerns for Chenle’s protection.

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