Fans Trend #RespectMAMAMOO On Twitter To Show Support For The Group Against Hate — Here Are 15 Tweets


Pretty much every K-Pop artist receives hate of some kind at some point in their career. Whether caused by a certain action that people don’t approve of, or simply being targeted for no reason in particular, it’s something that many people, both artists and fans alike, really struggle with when they’re the ones being targeted. Cyber bullying is no joke, and has led to awful tragedies when taken too far.

MAMAMOO fans feel like their favorite group has been the target of too much hate lately, as well as the fans themselves. In order to clap back at haters and show the group love and support, MOOMOOs started trending #RespectMAMAMOO on Twitter and the hashtag quickly took off. Here are some of the most popular tweets that have been posted.

1. No one deserves any kind of hate, let alone these amazing girls

2. It’s not asking much!

3. How could anyone think this way?

4. It’s possible to love your faves without hating on others!

5. Preach!

6. Respect people’s feelings!

7. Idols are people too

8. Who could send hate to this beauty?

9. Idols aren’t oblivious, they do see the hurtful words

10. Imagine disrespecting royalty?

11. You know what’s cool? Being loving and supporting of others

12. MAMAMOO provides so much positivity for the world!

13. They have so much love for each other, and their fans

14. They mean so much to so many people

15. Respect MAMAMOO!

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