Feeling Down? No Problem! BTS Has A Collection Of Songs To Lift Your Spirits


If you know BTS‘s discography then you know that they have just about every genre that you can think of in their albums.

From soft ballads to hardcore rap, they’ve got something for your taste. An online community board revealed a list of BTS recommended songs based on different categories that was used to help newer ARMYs get familiar with more BTS songs.

Let’s take a look at some of the tracks on the list for when you are going through struggles and worries.

1. Magic Shop

“Magic Shop” was part of the Love Yourself: Tear album released in 2018. This song was written and produced by Jungkook for the fans.

2. Mikrokosmos

“Mikrokosmos” is a part of their Map of the Soul: Persona album from 2019 and is another track dedicated to ARMYs.

3. 2!3!

“2!3!” is a part of their Wings album from 2016 and is yet again another song dedicated to ARMY. This song was produced by Slow Rabbit and Pdogg and was written by Bang Shi Hyuk, RM, J-Hope, Suga, Slow Rabbit and Pdogg. The title “2!3!” refers to when they introduce themselves they say “2,3 Bangtan!” They hope that this song can help fans find strength by trusting in them.

4. Answer: Love Myself

“Answer: Love Myself” is a part of their Love Yourself: Answer album from 2018 and is an uplifting song that gives hope and comfort to ARMYs listening to it.

5. Tomorrow

“Tomorrow” is a part of their Skool Luv Affair album from 2014. This song is a message to people who feel like giving up and showing them that tomorrow will come and that we all will have to keep walking.

6. Whalien 52

“Whalien 52” is a part of the The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2 album from 2015. This song is special in that they use the 52-hertz whale as a metaphor to describe how lonely they feel despite being surrounded by people. They feel that their voices aren’t heard and they hope that we will try to keep going until someone hears us.

It was also co-composed by BrotherSu, a singer song-writer and producer under Starship Entertainment.

7. Epiphany

“Epiphany” is a part of Love Yourself: Answer album from 2018 and is a solo song by Jin. This song hit over twenty million views within the first 24 hours of the music video release.

8. Reflection

“Reflection” is from the Wings album from 2016 and is a solo track created by RM along with Slow Rabbit. This song was written while he was in Ttukseom, a place that he frequents when he needs time to work out his thoughts. This is a deep song that allows him to reflect on himself through music.

Other songs that were recommended on the list included “I’m Fine”, “Paradise”, “Love Maze”, “Lost, Awake”, and “Intro: Nevermind.”

Whenever you need a pick me up during a hard time, BTS has got you covered with a myriad of song recommendations to help you get back on your feet.

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