Fellow Davichi Member Lee Hae Ri Purchases Loads Of Kang Min Kyung’s Controversial “Avie Muah” Items


Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung recently opened her own fashion brand, Avie Muah, which was immediately hit with controversy for selling items that many perceived to be overpriced.

But her fellow member, Lee Hae Ri proved that she has Kang Min Kyung’s back by buying a truck-load of Kang Min Kyung’s shopping mall items.

In a recent Instagram post, Lee Hae Ri shared a photo of three boxes filled with Avie Muah purchases.

Along with the photo of large boxes labeled with the Avie Muah brand, Lee Hae Ri added the caption,

Hm, I wonder how I should unbox these. These aren’t moving boxes.

– Lee Hae Ri

It’s great to see Kang Min Kyung’s fellow member showing her support because Kang Min Kyung was recently criticized for selling a hair scrunchie for 59,000 won (~$49 USD) along with other expensive clothing items over $200 USD.


In response to the controversy, Kang Min Kyung clarified,

It’s made of 100% silk, we use a lot of material for the product, and when it comes to silk, the process is quite tricky.

– Kang Min Kyung

For those who are still skeptical, there’s no better way to find out about the quality of a product than an unboxing and review, right?


When is it coming, Lee Hae Ri?

On a side note, who else is rooting for Davichi’s amazing friendship?

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